Building apps with tab bar layout

Tab bar layout is the newest addition to the series of platform improvements. This time, our focus was to bring a new design layout to app owners so they can add a brand new look to their apps.

When is the right time to rethink your app’s UX?

Coming up with a great UX for your mobile app is a long and, let’s be honest – hard process. So if you get it right and have a good UX, why would you want to change it at all? As mobile apps go through their life cycle, they inevitably evolve and change, so their UX

How to make gorgeous screenshots for your app

In the process of building an app, you’re mainly focused on creating the content, building an intuitive user interface, and providing your users with the best possible user experience. All these activities take time and resources, and it’s understandable that after days or weeks of work, you just want to launch the app as soon

Choosing the Right Color for Your App

The famous painter Pablo Picasso once said – Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions. All of us have, at one time or another, felt the effect that colors have on our mood, feelings and emotions. Color psychology, they call it. And although there is far too little hard evidence or research done on

How did the movie Alien inspire iOS7

Do you ever pay attention to the design of those icons that you click on daily as you use your computer programs or mobile apps? Naturally, what matters most to the majority of us is how functional the programs and apps are, and what we can use them for. However, the design of the interface

5 Tips on How to Design an iPhone App Icon

Generally there is a lot of work behind creating an app for the iPhone or iPad, but in order to make the app really stand out in the sea of others on App Store, the little details can sometimes do the trick. Like, for example, the app icon. The icon is actually really important because