Top 4 Mobile App Development Nightmares

Nightmare No 1. – Cost and Time to Market Oh boy, developing this mobile app made us go broke. This is definitely the biggest. Get ready to pay a lot of money! I would say anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 if you are serious about it. Good developers are hard (read: impossible) to find: Mobile apps are

Mobile-Optimize your Website or Web-Optimize your Mobile App?

It’s happening sooner than you think: when a business looks to launch, they’ll always think about their mobile presence before they think about their website. In the startup world, many companies are building their business on mobile before the plain old web. For those of us deeply entrenched in the mobile business, this is a

Twitter Wall Makes Apps More Social

Our new Twitter Wall module connects you and your users through one of the top social channels. Use our simple setup to bring your Tweets, hashtags or searches into your ShoutEm app. More social engagement means more return for your app or brand, and this new feature makes sure your profile and trends are easy to

Get to Know Our Features: Custom Content

One of our most important feature releases to date is also among the most versatile, creating an endless amount of content opportunities. We’re proud to introduce our new Custom Content! This new feature turns the ShoutEm platform into a CMS in which you can add blog posts, song lists, or anything else you can think of.

Get To Know Our Features: Deals

ShoutEm is pleased to announce the latest feature in our ever-growing list, “Deals”! The Deals module allows you to create deals or coupons, redeemable at the point of sale, to give your app users some incentive to visit local businesses, or merchants you have partnerships with. There are many options included in this module, which

Get To Know Our Features: About

ShoutEm is pleased to announce our new “About” module, which allows you to tell others about yourself, your business or whatever you’re representing! Now it’s easier for users to find your contact or profile information at the tap of a finger. We’ve included many different options in this module, detailed below.

Getting to Know Our Features: News

Keeping your audience up to date on your lastest announcements, musings or news is an important part of your digital presence. Our “News” feature brings updates, posts and other feed-based content into your ShoutEm app.   It Starts With Feeds   ShoutEm pulls in your content with RSS/XML feeds. This allows you to import/update your content

Get To Know Our Features: Social Network

We’re all accustomed to social networks in one form or another, as Twitter, Facebook, location services such as Foursquare have become part of our daily routine. In the United States alone, 16% of online time is devoted to social networks. While these services are powerful and broad in their reach, you may find it necessary