Getting to Know Our Features: News

Keeping your audience up to date on your lastest announcements, musings or news is an important part of your digital presence. Our “News” feature brings updates, posts and other feed-based content into your ShoutEm app.   It Starts With Feeds   ShoutEm pulls in your content with RSS/XML feeds. This allows you to import/update your content

How to build your mobile community – best practices

Great content It is much easier to build your community around some strong common interest. Examples: a food blogger in London turning a couple of years research into best burgers, coffee shops and pizzas into a Location Based Mobile app (check out our YoungAndFoodish app or this awesome video). mommy blogger in Oregon listing the

Add a new link to your navigation toolbar

If you would like to add a new link to your navigation toolbar, here is a piece of code that will help you do that. <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ jQ(document).ready(function() { var linkUrl = ‘’; // replace this with your link (w/o http://) var linkText = ‘ShoutEm’;       // replace this with your link text jQ(‘.pageHead .nav’).append("<li><a

How to forward tweets to your Shoutem network?

Shoutem enables users to forward their shouts to Twitter, but using Twitterfeed, you can also forward all your tweets to your Shoutem network. There are only few steps to take to enable this, so let me show you how to enable it. First of all, go to and create your account (you can also

Advanced customization of your ShoutEm network

Update: this post is outdated as of March 17th, 2010.  At this moment ShoutEm supports 18 different styles that you can use on your network (and we are adding even more styles, like Marble), but you may want to customize the look of your micro-blogging network just the way you want. Using ShoutEm Admin pages,

The Power User’s Guide to Shout’Em Microblogging

After you’ve setup your Shout’Em network, customized it and gotten it on the right track, you’re on your way to becoming a power user. To make the journey easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks: Shouting out! How to get your message out… Twhirl on your desktop The web is all fine and

Send an SMS – Update Your Shout’Em Network

Out of the house, without a web connection, yet still want to update your Shout’Em network? Now you can – via SMS! You’ve updated your statuses via the web,, Twhirl,… Now it’s just a matter of texting from any mobile phone! Here are some fast facts: Send shouts via SMS from any mobile phone;