My iOS developer account has two-factor authentication, what should I do?

As you may know, Apple requires that all developer accounts must have enabled two-factor authentication. It is considered as an extra layer of security. Specific details can be read on Apple’s official support page.

Since our publishing team is submitting the app on your behalf, there is an extra step that needs to be done on your side that would enable them to log in, submit your app and continue with certificates and general maintenance updates when you require it.

The long-term solution and less time consuming is adding our phone number as a Trusted number in your account settings.


When you add our phone number to your account as a Trusted number, we will receive a verification code which you will need to enter on your account to successfully save the number. For that reason, it would be great if you could reach out via Viber or WhatsApp and give us heads-up prior to adding the number.

In the first message, please introduce yourself and share the app’s name in question.

To avoid any extra charges or complications during this verification process, Viber or WhatsApp services will be used for the exchange of these verification numbers.

NOTICE: Please make sure that you already have an active Viber or WhatsApp account tied to your phone number!

How to add another Trusted phone number?

  1. Log in to your Apple ID account page
  2. In the Security section click on the Edit button
  3. Under Trusted Phone numbers, click on Add another phone number
  4. Add the number: +385 (Croatia) 993649057
  5. We will receive the code on our device and forward it to the number we exchanged with you previously, via Viber or Whatsapp
  6. Save this code

After this, our phone number will be listed as a Trusted number under your account, and we will be receiving codes via SMS when trying to log to your account in the future.

When someone from our team logs in, his Macbook device may remain saved on your devices list as a Trusted device.

IMPORTANT – this number is not to be used for any kind of support, calls or anything similar. Such requests will be ignored, blocked and we will not respond to them!