Privacy policy URL for submitted apps

Privacy Policy URL is required when submitting apps to the Google Play and the Apple App Store. If you don’t have the Privacy Policy document online, any online privacy policy generator will do the trick. Here are a few services that can generate it for you: Google Play and the Apple App

How to create app screenshots?

Screenshots in the Apple App and the Google Play Store are visually communicating with the app users, so it is important to provide nice images of your app in the best quality.  These screenshots need to showcase your app, highlight the features it brings, and functionalities.  For that reason, we have provided you an option

How Do I Install Extensions to My App?

As you probably know, you can extend your Shoutem app by writing an extension. Extensions are, like plugins in WordPress, custom-written software modules that can be installed in your app to extend its functionality. All Shoutem features are extensions All Shoutem features are basically developed as extensions. If you have News or Photos or Analytics

Create and Manage Lists in Your App

What are the lists exactly? In your Shoutem app, content in extensions is saved as a list, eg. list of places items, list of events items, list of news items. Each item on the list holds detailed information and can be expanded with a single tap. Places item will have address details of the location,

Importing CSV Lists to Your App

Use the CSV importer to speed up the process of creating lists   Step 1:  Make the file. Create a CSV file with a column for each element you’ll need in your final list.  We’ve created an example for you.  Click HERE to see the example list as a CSV file. [You can unzip and

Unpublish Your App From Google Play and Apple App Store

If you would like to remove your app completely from the Stores, please follow the steps below. Once these steps are completed, your app will no longer be available for download. Unpublish your iPhone app: Log in to iTunes Connect using your iOS developer account Click on the Manage Apps icon Click on the app

How can I upgrade Shoutem platform?

Shoutem platform updates are managed in the builder interface for each app in the Settings tab. If you have more than one app on your list, have in mind this process will need to be repeated on the Settings page of each app separately. If you are unsure whether you should upgrade, check out our

Multi Card Loyalty Program

Multi card loyalty program should be used when you have stores operating in different locations. There are different ways you can configure loyalty program with Shoutem. In this article we will show you how to configure and use multi card loyalty program. Configuration in the builder   App screens settings To configure multi card loyalty

Single Card Loyalty Program

In this article we will show you how to configure and use single card loyalty program. The main difference between the single card loyalty program and multi card loyalty program is that in the single card loyalty rewards are not tied to any store in the app. As in the single card loyalty program all rewards