Multi-language App

Create an app that would be available in multiple languages at once and improve the app experience for your users with our multi-language app feature. Shoutem builder and features are by default in the English language which is the leading language in today’s world, but providing more language options means that you can expand to

Shoutem’s Content Management System

If you have started building your app on our platform, you might have wondered where you can handle the data that will be used during the creation process. Our Content Management System (CMS) is here to assist – you can arrange, upload, and manage your data with just a few clicks and no coding skills

How to Install Extensions

As you probably know, you can extend your Shoutem app by developing a new extension or customizing the existing ones. Extensions are, like plugins in WordPress, custom-written software modules that can be installed in your app to extend its functionality. All Shoutem features are extensions All Shoutem features are basically developed as extensions, eg. Places,

Password Reset for App Users

It is common for users to forget the password they have used to create an account on your app, therefore, an easy solution for this problem would be to simply reset the password. As an app owner, you can change the password of each account from your app, however, you can also inform your users

Importing CSV Lists to Your App

Use the CSV importer to speed up the process of content adding. Step 1:  Make the CSV file for the extension/screen of choice Create a CSV file with columns according to the extension/screen to which you’d like to import items from the CSV file.  You can find the example for each extension here: Notice! Starting

Create App-Specific Password for App Store deployment

Starting August 2021 the new build of your app can be automatically deployed to App Store Connect once the resubmission is triggered. In order to achieve that, you will need to add App Specific Password as explained in this article. Note: Only the owners of the iOS developer account where the app is created can

Unpublish Your App From Google Play and Apple App Store

If you would like to unpublish your app from the Stores, please follow the steps below. Once these steps are completed, your app will no longer be available for download, but its existing users will still be able to use it on their devices. Unpublish your iOS app: Log in to App Store Connect using your

Navigation Bar with the Notch

Shoutem allows you to upload the navigation bar background image for devices with a notch and without it in a few simple steps which will be explained in this article. Some devices, like iPhone XS Max, have a notch that comes in a way of the navigation bar background image – design-wise, the notch would

How can I update Shoutem platform?

Shoutem platform updates are managed in the builder, for each app separately in the Settings tab → Shoutem platform. If you are unsure whether you should upgrade, check out our support article where more details about platform updates are shared. In case you would have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support

Disclose App

A new powerful tool to send push notifications and preview your app projects from your Android and iOS devices is now live! Disclose app allows you to easily manage your push notifications, preview your app projects to test the added features and take app screenshots for the stores. It is an easy-to-use tool available on

Multi-card Loyalty Program

Use Multi-card loyalty program if you have stores operating in different locations. To be able to use it, you will first need to add stores to your app. Go to Screens → press the + button → search Loyalty in the pop-up window → hover with your mouse over this extension and choose Stores. Click

Single Card Loyalty Program

This setup is useful if you want to use the loyalty program for a single store. The main difference between the single card loyalty program and the multi-card loyalty program is that in the single card loyalty rewards are not tied to any store in the app. First things first – configure Loyalty extension in

Punch Card Loyalty Program

In this article, we will show you how to configure and use the most simple form of loyalty program – punch card loyalty. Let’s start by configuring Loyalty extension in Settings. Go to Settings → (Extensions settings) → Loyalty and press Get started. Program settings and Rules do not apply to Punch card loyalty type

How to obtain Youtube API key for your app

For YouTube videos that you’d like to display in your app, you need to obtain YouTube API key as explained in this article. Create a project on Google Cloud Platform Log in to YouTube/Google with the credentials you use for your Youtube videos. Go to Google Cloud Platform Click Select a project In the modal

Getting Started With Facebook Authentication Setup

In order to be able to use Facebook as an authentication provider for your app, you will need to set up your Facebook integration first. The first step of this configuration is creating a Facebook app, which you should do before publishing your app. Setting it up Log in to your Facebook account. Once you

Customize Your Theme

This tutorial will go through individual colors as seen in the Customize theme section of the Builder. For example’s sake, each color will be set to a notable blue color, as to be easily noticeable in the screenshots. Basic colors Featured color – main color of the app Used throughout the app for large patches.

Facebook Authentication Setup

It is time to go back to your app’s dashboard on Facebook for Developers website and finish the setup by enabling and setting up Facebook login. From the builder, you’ll need the following: Under Add a Product, select Facebook Login and click Set Up. From there, you will create iOS and Android app platform for

Privacy policy URL for submitted apps

Privacy Policy URL is required when submitting apps to Google Play and the Apple App Store. If you don’t have the Privacy Policy document online, any online privacy policy generator will do the trick. Here are a few services that can generate it for you: Google Play and the Apple App Store

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