How to invite Shoutem to your Google Play Developer account

To be able to publish your app to Google Play Store, we need to have access to your Google Play Console account, which can be accomplished through a simple invitation. Google Play Console allows you to add us as an administrator, which at the same time prevents us from accessing any other part of your

I clicked the Publish button, what’s next?

Pressing Publish button in the upper right corner will open this pop-up message: That doesn’t mean that your app will automatically be published to Google Play and Apple App Store. In short, here’s how the publishing process works: When you click the Publish button, our publishing team will automatically receive your publishing request via email

Privacy policy URL for submitted apps

Privacy Policy URL is required when submitting apps to Google Play and the Apple App Store. If you don’t have the Privacy Policy document online, any online privacy policy generator will do the trick. Here are a few services that can generate it for you: Google Play and the Apple App Store

Migrating Apps to Shoutem v5 – Mini FAQ

Why aren’t my apps automatically migrated to v5? This is because we completely redesigned the architecture of the builder and the apps with the new V5 platform version – to make sure everything works as desired, all migrated apps need to be tested and, in some cases, fine-tuned before final publishing. How can I migrate

Can I request a custom feature or development?

Yes! Our platform supports custom development and building custom features. Here are the available options: 1) Hire our development team to work on your requirements.  We offer custom development of a specific feature by using resources from our platform. For more information, contact us at and send us: 1. a detailed description of your custom

When should I update the platform?

Shoutem platform is a concept we introduced with the newest version of the Shoutem app builder. Shoutem platform allows extension developers to know that their extension will stay functional even if something changes in Shoutem’s underlying service layers. The answer to this question, it all depends on whether or not you have custom extensions installed

Is iOS Developer Account Required? What About Google Play Developer Account?

iOS Yes. It is mandatory that you have your own iOS Developer organisation-based account In order to publish to the App Store. This account costs $99/year – you can sign up for it here: iOS Developer account To invite us to your iOS developer account, follow the steps from our support article. Why can’t I go

How to invite Shoutem to administer your iOS dev and App Store Connect accounts

Here is how you can invite Shoutem to administer your iOS dev and App Store Connect accounts. Please note that this will work only with business-based accounts.  Log in to App Store Connect with your credentials at Click “User and Access” Click the + button to add a user Fill in the user details

How can I create a clone of my app?

When you are about to execute some breaking changes to your app, like a platform update or adding a new integration, it is much safer to create a clone of your app and test these changes on the clone first, especially if the app is already published in Stores and you are not sure how

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