Page Extension

Make a practical screen that would hold relevant pieces of information and multiple other screens at one place by using our Page extension. The primary use of this extension is to have a screen as a holder that would consist of paths to other screens. To add the Page extension, which is pre-installed, to your

About Extension

Display general pieces of information about your business or app, like open hours, website URL, social media profiles, and more, on our About screen. To add the About extension, which is pre-installed, to your app, go to Screens → press + button → search for About → click to add it as one of the screens of

QR Code Scanner Feature

Scan any QR code from your app to open the linked webpage by using our Camera extension. To add the QR Code Scanner as one of the screens of your app, go to Screens → click the + button → search for Camera → click to add it as a screen. The Camera extension is

Checklist Extension

The purpose of Checklist extension is to provide the app users with multi-step tasks that they will be able to mark as finished once the task is completed. To add Checklist as one of the screens of your app, go to Screens → press the + button → search for Checklist → click it to

Reminders and User Scheduled Notifications

Create user scheduled notifications, send reminders, and set up your own chime sound within our newly improved push notifications feature. To do so, go to Push → Notification centre → General. Chime settings Upload the desired chime sound by clicking the BROWSE button. Note: Uploading the chime button for the first time or changing the

Radio+ extension

Keep your user entertained by integrating our Radio+ extension and stream your favourite radio station from the app 24/7. IMPORTANT! IF YOUR APP IS ALREADY LIVE IN THE STORES AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO ADD AUDIO CONTENT FOR THE FIRST TIME, YOUR APP WILL NEED TO BE RESUBMITTED. IN THAT CASE, PLEASE CONTACT OUR SUPPORT TEAM.

YouTube Extension

Have your YouTube videos displayed in your app by using our improved YouTube integration where you don’t have to manually add videos – they will sync automatically. To add YouTube as one of the screens of your app, go to Screens → press the + button → search for YouTube → click it to add

Onboarding Extension

Onboard your users by providing a quick tour upon the first launch. If you are building an app for various occasions and many content types and functionalities, you will want to use our Onboarding extension to guide users through your app’s core features. These onboarding pages will be displayed only on the app’s first launch

In-App Purchases

You can now restrict your app’s content to paid customers only. Shoutem supports only auto-renewable subscriptions connected with either one or more specific screens in your app, or all screens combined. The auto-renewable subscription period is set by you, it can be weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. We do not hold onto that, but you should

Advertising with AdMob

Choose between simple ad banners or full-page ads called interstitial ads and monetize your app in a few simple steps. In this article, we will introduce you to AdMob account and banner and interstitial ad units set up. While ad banners are visible all the time on various screens (eg: news, events, social), interstitial ads

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