YouTube Extension

Have your YouTube videos displayed in your app by using our improved YouTube integration where you don’t have to manually add videos – they will sync automatically. To add YouTube as one of the screens of your app, go to Screens → press the + button → search for YouTube → click it to add

Onboarding Extension

Onboard your users by providing a quick tour upon the first launch. If you are building an app for various occasions and many content types and functionalities, you will want to use our Onboarding extension to guide users through your app’s core features. These onboarding pages will be displayed only on the app’s first launch

In-App Purchases

Offer access to premium content to subscribers only Shoutem supports only auto-renewable subscriptions that can unlock one or more specific screens in your app, or all screens combined. With that being said, there are a few key points that you should keep in mind before you proceed with this setup: You cannot restrict specific items

Advertising with AdMob

Choose between simple ad banners or full-page ads called interstitial ads and monetize your app in a few simple steps. In this article, we will introduce you to AdMob account and banner and interstitial ad units set up. While ad banners are visible all the time on various screens (eg: news, events, social), interstitial ads

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SendBird Chat Extension

Bring your users together by allowing them to chat with each other through our SendBird Chat extension. SendBird is a third-party service that requires an active account with a valid subscription. Depending on your app setup and your chat requirements, you can choose to use our fair use account or create your own on the

Video Call Feature

Video calls are the best way to stay in touch, which is why you are now able to add this feature to your app and make one-on-one live video call communication possible for your users. We are using Agora SDK to make video calls possible so before you get into it, you’ll need to create

Interactive FAQ Extension

Engage with your users through Frequently asked questions (FAQ) extension which can help you inform, educate and guide users through the main functionalities of your app, your business and brand, etc. Chatbots are made to ease the communication, and the best part is – you don’t have to be physically present on the other side.

Automated Push Notifications (RSS monitoring)

Automated Push Notifications enables you to automatically send a push notification to inform users about any newly published article or podcast from monitored RSS feeds. RSS Monitoring is pre-installed, but if you cannot find it in Push section, you’ll have to install the extension first. To do so, go to Extensions → click the +

Web View Extension

Have your website reflected in your app through our Web View extension and bring your brand closer to your users. Some common uses of this extension include web-based e-commerce solutions, forms for gathering information, social media pages, and some other web pages that are absolutely essential to your app’s purpose. The URL added can be

SoundCloud Feature

You can now share your SoundCloud tracks with others by integrating our Podcasts RSS extension. Our Podcast RSS extension supports SoundCloud RSS feeds so to be able to play your SoundCloud tracks, see how to install the mentioned Podcasts RSS extension first. Extension’s name clearly states that it pulls your audio content through RSS feed,