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Anyone can build an iOS or Android app using Shoutem’s no-code app builder.

Create an Engaging App in Minutes

With Shoutem, you can build an app quickly and easily without sacrificing sacrifice user experience or functionality—even if you’ve never worked in coding, programming, or app development before.

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Select an App Template

Instantly generate a foundation for your custom mobile app by choosing a pre-built template.

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Add Logo and Brand Colors

Customize your app design, content, and capabilities with drag-and-drop options and custom app settings.

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Publish Your App

Sit back while the Shoutem Support team manages the process of publishing your app to the app stores.

Boost Your Revenues

Drive conversions and optimize clicks with an app that works hard for you, even after the close of business.

Build a Loyalty App shoutem apps

Create a Social/Media Platform

Develop an app that puts engaging media — like images, videos, and live streams — front and center.

Engage Your Community

Strengthen connections within your organization, neighborhood, and city with a community-centric app.

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Drive Daily Engagement

Want users to interact with your app every single day? Create a universally loved app, like music, or develop your own idea to help others complete their daily tasks.

Nurture Your Congregation

Keep your flock close with an app that engages and inspires.

Inform the Public

Your community, followers and fans need to stay up to date. Here’s how you can do it:

Full Library of Essential App Features

With Shoutem, you’ll have complete, unrestricted access to our library of top-rated and powerful app features. Our most popular app features can be used interchangeably to provide the functionality you need, including:

Push Notifications

Promote engagement with messages to individuals, groups, or all users at specific times or scheduled intervals.

Event Calendars

Publish upcoming event details, sell tickets, allow RSVPs, and more.

Monetization Features

Turn your app into a new revenue stream with banner ads, enable in-app purchases, and tiered app subscriptions.

Integration Suite

Use pre-built API integrations to connect your Shoutem app with the other platforms you use.

New User Onboarding

Introduce new app users to your app and its features through a series of step-by-step app tutorial screens.

User Registration & Management

Enable user profile creation, then manage individual app users’ access levels.

Social Media Features

Allow users to post images and videos to a news feed, browse other user profiles, message their friends, and build connections.

App Usage & Loyalty

Use loyalty punch card features to promote, track, and reward app usage and engagement.

Blog/News Feed

Keep users informed on current news and initiatives, and set up alerts so they never miss a message.

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No Coding Skills or Experience Needed

The Shoutem Builder makes app creation easy, allowing you to build functional and interactive apps using…

  • A visual interface using drag-and-drop elements
  • Pre-built templates for most industries, and
  • Plugins offering tons of customization options.

The result: a totally customized app, built without writing a single line of code.

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Cross-Platform Functionality for Both Android & iOS

Create one app that works on both iPhone and Android devices—no need to recreate the wheel.

Our templates provide a great experience on both Android and iOS operating systems. Simply build your app like normal publish it in both app stores. Voila—you’ve built a flawless native mobile app, available as either an iOS app or Android app.

App Creation FAQs

  • What does “app creator” mean?

    An app creator  is a tool or platform that allows users to design and build mobile applications. App creators are usually a more accessible route to app development for users who have little or no coding experience, often featuring low-code and no-code capabilities.

    While traditional “from scratch” coding methods do offer unlimited potential in app creation, creating complex app functionality is time-consuming, expensive, and often unnecessary for the end user’s needs.

    Instead, organizations turn to no-code app maker tools to shorten development timelines and significantly reduce app creation costs.

  • What is the best app creation software?

    Shoutem has become one of the leading no-code app builder tools on the market. Our platform is user-friendly enough for beginners to use it, yet comprehensive enough for experienced developers not to get bored with it.

    Our range of pre-built templates and customizable app features, paired with our low-cost pricing structure, sets Shoutem apart from others. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, customizable, user-friendly no-code tool to create your new app, Shoutem is the solution.

  • How can I create my own app?

    The easiest way to create your own app is to use a no-code, drag-and-drop app building platform like Shoutem.

    Our templates are pre-populated with top-rated app features. For example, you may find the social wall and/or 1:1 messaging app features already loaded into the Social Network app template. Even if the template you choose doesn’t have your favorite features pre-installed, adding them from our Features library is as easy as click, drag, and drop.

    From there, just customize your app, upload your own content and images, and prepare to publish!

  • How long does it take to create an app?

    While traditional app development processes can take 6-12 months or longer, you can create an app with Shoutem in just hours or days. Just generate your app from one of our templates, upload your custom content—headshots, bios, RSS feed URLs, etc.—and customize your app colors, all in a matter of hours.

    Finally, save time during the editing and review process by using our built-in app preview tool, which allows you to view any changes you make to your app in real time. Just make any needed updates and click to publish. Your Shoutem-built app will be listed in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store faster, and your organization can start benefitting sooner.

  • How much money can you make creating an app?

    Most apps that pursue monetization at a light- to moderate level earn up to $3,500 annually. However, top-ranked apps in the app store with solid monetization strategies are reported to earn more than $80,000 per year.

    Your Shoutem app can become a new revenue stream for your organization, with app monetization support including in-app advertising, app subscriptions, eCommerce via Shopify integrations, and a full range of payment processing integrations.

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