Instagram Improvements

Instagram has introduced a few major changes to its app: a new app icon along with a new app design. These design changes were followed up by changes in the backend to how images can be fetched. Consequently, Shoutem’s integration has been improved, resulting in unlimited photos that can be displayed in the stream from

Spotlight: Gig Pic

Gig Pic is the newest member in our Hall of Fame section. If you’re planning to visit any summer music festival, Gig Pic is the right app to download on your phone!

When is the right time to rethink your app’s UX?

Coming up with a great UX for your mobile app is a long and, let’s be honest – hard process. So if you get it right and have a good UX, why would you want to change it at all? As mobile apps go through their life cycle, they inevitably evolve and change, so their UX

Take your UX testing to the hallways

One of the first steps you can take in UX testing is – into the hallway! Hallway testing is a quick way to gather general feedback about your app’s UX from random passersby in the hallway and identify any potential major issues your UX is facing, but you may not be aware of when creating

Spotlight: offerON

OfferON is the newest member of our Hall of Fame section – an app that wants to connect businesses in Poland with customers. Read their story and interview with Carlos Fernandes, offerOn founder.

5 business benefits of mobile loyalty program

Building a business is not an easy task, but building a successful business is even harder. The essence of successful businesses are customers, who expect to experience outstanding customer care along with amazing product or service. Loyalty programs encourage customers to connect with your brand and recognize the values of your company, and they offer

Introducing Enriched App Statistics

“Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”, once said Aaron Levenstein. We are proud to introduce a powerful improvement on Shoutem app builder platform: Enriched App Statistics.

Multiple application icons

With a few million active mobile apps in the app stores, it can be hard for your app to stand out and be discovered. App icon can be a key to getting users to download and try your app, and with that in mind, we’re introducing small, but a valuable improvement.

Spotlight: PCB Social

This week’s success stories brings you PCB Social app – an app that will make your visit to Panama City Beach unique and like no other.