10 Effective Tips for Creating Customer Loyalty Program

It feels nice to have a running business and everything works smoothly, right? Suddenly, you noticed that customers are not coming back and you’ve heard competition has taken over the customer monopoly. Not only that, but as you lose your customers, you are losing profit and a possibility to move forward. One of the reasons

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How to Generate Brand Loyalty and Reward Customer Loyalty

Two types of loyalty are fundamental to businesses: customer loyalty and brand loyalty. Even though they are often confused and many times used interchangeably, they are quite different. Understanding the difference between customer loyalty and brand loyalty will significantly boost your retention rates. According to Fundera, studies have shown that 43% of customers spend more


How To Make an App? Create an App in 2021 – Complete Guide

Well-designed apps with intuitive user experiences outperform traditional websites because of their portability and speed. There is no person that without a smartphone in his pocket, right? The mobile app market is huge, the app building process is not that harsh and competition to create the best mobile app for a business is on. Let’s

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Top 10 Strategies to Build Brand Customer Loyalty

Building bridges between brands and customers are often set aside in favor of leveraging the results of sales and making money. The catch here is that you cannot make a profit without a healthy and stable relationship with your customers. Why is this so important? The findings of one research study state that 36.5% of


Details to Consider When Creating a Blog App

We bet you know that about 55 percent of global web traffic comes from mobiles today. Users spend 70 percent of the total digital media time on smartphones, and it’s not only for online shopping and social media: People read news, watch educational and video content, and follow their favorite blogs on mobiles. What does


Weird Mobile Apps You Must Try Today

Usually, when you ask people about what mobile app they use the most, you’ll find that answers gravitate towards social network apps, chat apps, or even fitness apps. However, there are some really weird mobile apps (and online stores) out there that beg the question: who on earth installs this kind of thing and why?!

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What is Brand Loyalty? Definition and Brand Examples

There is a high chance you have some products or services that you favor over the others. Would you be surprised if we tell you that 36,5% of shoppers said they will spend more on products if they are loyal to a brand even if the cheaper options are easily available? The extensive research on


Android App Bundle (AAB) Replaces APK in Google Play Store

As of August 1, 2021, Google announced new changes in the development and launching of apps in the Google Play Store. Popular APK format will be changed for AAB format which has been used for a while, as it was introduced in Android 9 back in 2018. This article will cover the most important features

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The History and Evolution of Mobile Banking

Mobile devices are reshaping the world as we know, gradually transforming our lives, daily behaviors, and how we do business with banks. Together with the evolution of mobile technologies, customers also evolved, pushing banks to be more consumer-driven.

The Evolution of Mobile Banking