Shout’Em feat. New Skins, RSS, Twitter API,… Oh my God!

New Features for Shout'Em!

After having so many people sign up for Shout”Em, we unfortunately had to cancel our holiday plans, turn off our so called lives and get some new features out the door as soon as possible:

  • New skins to make your networks look even nicer. Don”t worry about going fully customized, just use these!
  • Twitter API integration lets you make your Twitter compatible application or service work with any and all Shout”Em networks. Why settle for just one Twitter when you can explo… I mean get new users from Shout”Em? 🙂
  • New replies views, threaded and feed. Choose your design!
  • Now you can easily make your microblogging network private. Use it for your company, club or secret project. Dominate the world or just your own backyard with a private microblogging network.
  • Bitte? Hell yeah, Shout”Em speaks Spanish, Russian, French and German now! We love our international users and can”t wait to add even more languages. Thanks to all you great folks who helped us with the translating, you”re the best!
  • Easily change the post lenght limit if you don”t like the 140 character one! Make it shorter, make it longer. Make it what you want.

If you still haven”t, it”s time to get that Shout”Em account. We”re working on rolling out new features and getting all your needs met. Don”t worry, Shout”Em will always remain simple, but that doesn”t mean we can”t add a tasty little feature now and then? Stay tuned for Twitter cross posting, SMS posting, E-mail posting, IM posting. Oh, don”t forget groups!

Ivan Brezak Brkan