You like Shout’Em?! Well, Mashable, Profy also Do!

It’s been a great week here at Shout’Em HQ. Viktor, Saša and the rest of the development team have been

Mashable Likes Shout'Em
Mashable Likes Shout

hard at work getting all the features out. We counted on people coming to the site, playing with the service, testing it, maybe even breaking it.

What we didn’t expect was the great possitive feedback we got from so many people. TheNextWeb author Boris says you should Roll your own Shout’Em:

Want to engage people in conversation but keep them within your tightly controlled domain? Give ShoutEm a try. With no more than a few clicks you will have your own Twitter running on a subdomain like this:

Mashable didn’t let that slide, so Stan wrote that:

And it’s no slouch, either. The customization options are extensive; you can create a private network for internal use in your company…

Svetlana from the awesome Profy technology blog went more into detail about all the nice stuff Shout’Em let her do:

All in all, Shout’Em seems to look like a great idea and I do believe it can take off in a manner quite similar to what we have seen on Ning as I can see quite a number of potential uses for Shout’Em networks – from private communications within a team or a group of people sharing certain interests to open chat rooms for discussions on just about anything accompanied with sharing links or whole documents of interest to the entire community.

Profy Wants Us To Itself!
Profy Wants Us To Itself!

Also don’t let us get started on all the great feedback we’ve gotten from you via e-mail, that other microblogging service (I think they call it Twitier or something? ;)) and every other ways you found us.

Rock star designer Lea Alcantara of LeaLea (Her new site will be out soon so keep an eye on!) said that:

It’s kind of like Ning but pared down to essentials!

We love it when people get it, and you lot really get it! Keep it up. We’ll be rolling some new features out next week and the Shout’Em public launch (at LeWeb) isn’t far away. Now stop wasting time on the blog and go play with Shout’Em.


Thanks for all the support. Seriously!

Ivan Brezak Brkan