How to Setup Shout’Em for Your Desktop with Twhirl

What every microblogging network needs, including the one you created on Shout”Em, is a desktop application. It makes messaging to your network unbelievably easy. Thankfully, from today you can use the awesome cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux!) microblogging client – Twhirl. Best of all, it”s completely free.

How to Setup Twhirl for Shout’Em

After you download Twhirl for free, it’s pretty simple to set it up:

  • In the main Settings panel, open the Accounts tab;
  • Select la.conica under the dropdown list;
  • Enter your username in the screen name field in the format, in which ivan is your network username, and your network domain. There’s no need to include “http://” with the domain name;
  • Click on the plus ( ) button to add your network account;
  • Select your account and click on Connect;
  • You’re done

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-86" best online casino title=”Basic Setup in Twhirl” src=”” alt=”Basic Setup in Twhirl” width=”472″ height=”666″ />After setting up Twhirl, it”s going to look something like this:

Bonus: Pimp out Twhirl

If you don”t like the default pastel color scheme of Twhirl, you can change it. Just open the Colors tab in the basic settings and choose a theme. Personally, I think Black Magic is quite elegant. 🙂

Pimp out Your Twhirl

Ivan Brezak Brkan