5 and a Half Things You Can’t Miss at The Next Web 2009. (+20% Off Your Pass)


[digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/5_and_a_Half_Things_You_Can_t_Miss_at_The_Next_Web_2009]If you’re into web technology, we’re sure you’ve heard about The Next Web conference. It’s one of those crazy European technology events you’re not entirely sure exists in fact. Well, it is very real. So real you have to come to Amsterdam on the 15th (Get 20% off your ticket for The Next Web). Here are a couple of reasons to stay for 3 days of inspiration, networking, showcasing innovation and fun:

1. It’s the Speakers, Stupid!


What, a conference? You may have come for the parties, but you’ll stay for the sessions. This years speakers include some beloved as well as somewhat controversial web personalities. Matt Mullenweg leads Automattic, the company that’s leading the web publishing revolution with such products as WordPress, Akismet, as well as their social networking offspin, Buddypress. Getting back to basics, we’ll have the pleasure of hearing Eric A. Mayer, the “CSS guy” whose web standards advocacy helped guide a lot of today’s frontend developers. For those who think Wikipedia is awesome, Andrew Keen might be a rude reality check. Describing himself as “The Anti-Christ of Silicon Valley”, Keen’s “The Cult of Amateur” spurred a lot of controversy. Why? Read the book. Better yet, come to The Next Web!

2. Meet the Three Crazy Dutchmen

Boris, Arjen and Patrick
Boris, Arjen and Patrick

While Arrington might have told Boris, Arjen and Patrick to: “Get the f*ck out!” best online casino when they famously appeared at Techcrunch HQ sporting white suits and Dutch accents. These three geeks are not only web 2.0 entrepreneurs, but also the founders of The Next Web conference. While we’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Patrick at Web.Start 2008. , it’s going to be a pleasure meeting the other talented folks behind The Next Web.

3. Mobile BarCamp

Mobile BarCamp
Mobile BarCamp

Photo by Termie

The first day of the conference is going to be quite unconference-like. Since we do love BarCamps, attending Mobile BarCamp Amsterdam is a must. Standard BarCamp rules of engagement apply, so get up to speed if you haven’t yet attended one. As far as the content, we’ll talk mobile, breath mobile and pimp mobile – all our mobile apps that is.

4. Just A Little Reality with Van Gogh

Between all the sessions and parties, you’ll probably try to see at least a couple of sights of Amsterdam. Apart from the weed and beauty of the city itself, the Van Gogh Museum could be something that inspires you for the future. Containing the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh painting anywhere, you have to come and enjoy the work of the 19th century master. They’re on Flickr, Youtube and Facebook, for goodness sake!

5. Wake Up & Party

Party time!
Party time!

Photo by Boris

Geeks just want to have fun, right? Well, there will be plenty of that. Starting with pre conference drinks in the lobby of Hotel V and ending up with The Next Web dinner and party on the 17th. Did we mention these guys know how to party? On the morning however, join us at Open Coffee Amsterdam!

The Half? Yep, we’re that humble!


You knew this was coming. 🙂 The official Shout’Em delegation including CEO Viktor Marohnic and myself will be on hand at the Next Web for both microblogging as well as a pint or two. Find our booth at the conference and let’s talk about what Shout’Em can do for your idea or startup. Investor? Don’t worry, we love you guys.

Wondering what Shout’Em is? Shout’Em lets you roll your own microblogging service, like Boris says on The Next Web blog.

We’ll probably be handing out some goodies, so make sure to shout out at the Next Web Conference (Get 20% off your ticket for The Next Web)!

Ivan Brezak Brkan