Send an SMS – Update Your Shout’Em Network

Send an SMS with Shout'Em

Out of the house, without a web connection, yet still want to update your Shout’Em network? Now you can – via SMS! You’ve updated your statuses via the web,, Twhirl,… Now it’s just a matter of texting from any mobile phone! Here are some fast facts:

  • Send shouts via SMS from any mobile phone;
  • Updates appear on the Shout’Em network where you setup your phone.

While Shout’Em doesn’t charge you for this feature, your mobile-service provider’s text messaging rates do apply. The SMS feature is still in testing and supports only one number for sending your messages for now. However, expect updates in the near future.

Is Your Mobile-Service Provider Supported?

Check the list of supported providers. Carriers from countries all around the world are supported. For the US, for example, the supported carriers are AT&T, T-mobile, and a dozen others…

Now let’s set you up:

How to Setup SMS Shouting

Go to the Shout’Em network for which you want to setup SMS updating for and click on Settings. Now select Phone.

Setup Your Phone
Setup Your Phone

Send the provided code to the phone number +447797882315. Let us confirm your phone, and after we do, you’re all set.

You're set!
You're set!

Add the number +447797882315 to your address book and from now on – update your Shout’Em network status via SMS!

What’s next?

Shouting is getting easier and easier… We know you love e-mail, so we’re preparing e-mail updating for the fall. That’s right, you’ll be able to update from your e-mail client! How you do you update Shout’Em statuses?

Ivan Brezak Brkan