The Power User’s Guide to Shout’Em Microblogging

After you’ve setup your Shout’Em network, customized it and gotten it on the right track, you’re on your way to becoming a power user. To make the journey easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks:

Shouting out!

How to get your message out…

Twhirl on your desktop

Shout from Your Desktop
Shout from Your Desktop

The web is all fine and dandy, but why not use a desktop client on your Windows, Linux or Mac machine? Setting up Twhirl is easy and it works intuitively with any Shout’Em network. Having a desktop client that supports Shout’Em such as Twhirl set up, lets you dedicate your browser to other sites or shout while you’re not even surfing. For admins and moderators, keeping an eye on your community can explore your userbase! & HelloTXT for all your social media and HelloTXT

If you update multiple social network, you might find it easier to do so with or HelloTXT. Both these services save you valuable time by propagating your message to multiple networks or blogs, including Shout’Em.

Shout’Em mobile

Shout'Em mobile

When on the move, or just not at your computer, you can access any Shout’Em network and be greeted by an interface optimized for mobile phones. A minimalistic interface, core features and small data size give you the ability to shout – really fast!

Shout’Em iPhone app

Shout'Em iPhone app

Oh, we love our iPhones. Since you’re downloading apps from the iTunes App Store all the time, you might we interested in the upcoming official Shout’Em application for the iPhone. Let’s just say it’s slick and sexy and we can’t wait to show you the first 1.0 release. For now, however, it’s in beta. Hint: comment or e-mail us if you want to apply for beta testing.

Show your location

Like stalkers? Well then, why not share the location you’re shouting from? Seriously, there are lots of situations you’d want people to know where you are. Going to a concert, meeting up with friends? Don’t forget that you can attach your location to any shout on your Shout’Em network.

Integrate videos and photos

Videos, photos, multimedia?! Copy the link and paste it to your shout. Better yet, upload the photo you want to share and have it online instantly! Doing this is actually quite simple. When shouting, just click on Link, Photo or Location.

Your Blog / Website

Have a blog, website,…? You can add your network in seconds:

Your user feed

User feed-ing?!

Want to embed your shouts to your blog? Click on the Widgets link in the bottom of your Shout’Em network of choice and find the User feed code under “Widgets”. Paste the casino online code on your site and there you go – you’re in two places at once… or at least your shouts are!

Everyone”s network feed

There’s more to life than just ourselves, right? Same goes for social media and microblogging. That’s why we’ve made it easier to get your whole network feed on your website in just a few clicks. Once again, click on Widgets in the bottom of your network and find Network feed under “Widgets”. Embed it. Done.

Share button

If you want to share articles from your website on a Shout’Em network, just get the “Share button”, located under “Widgets” and copy it onto your site. Promote, shout, get people reading.

API for advanced use

Developers, Develo… Sorry, someone already did that. 😉 Our devoted developers, we’ve prepared a Twitter-compatible application programming interface for you. Use it to integrate Shout’Em network into your applications, websites and any great idea you get in the middle of the night. Code and shout! Check out or API!

Social networking

You love the web and you love social network. Understandably. That’s why you love microblogging and use Shout’Em, eh? Well, we don’t want to keep you or your users all to ourselves:

Sync to Facebook

The biggest social network in the world (sorry, Myspace) may require your attention. If you use Facebook, make the most of it and sync your shouts to your Facebook statuses.

Get to Ning

No matter if you’re using Ning for your social network or migrating to Shout’Em, you can get your shouts or your network shouts on Ning. Just click on Widgets in the footer of your network and then find the widgets you need under “Ning”.

You’re on your way to becoming a Shout’Em power user and having your network featured on the homepage of Shout’Em. What are you using to power up your microblogging?

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Ivan Brezak Brkan