10000+ networks created on ShoutEm


ShoutEm is growing, and it’s growing faster than ever! Many of our networks have big-month-to-month growth, either in member inflow or shouts written. Let’s name just a few Telugu, MyBlowzer, BlogTD, Ndzk and Ranyunfei. If you visit these microblogging networks, you’ll see that none of them are in English, which means that geo or language-based microblogging networks have a future. It also reinforces our belief that there’s a space for a small niche microblogging networks.

You can easily start a new one, for free, using ShoutEm. Many people have realized the potential of niche microblogging networks, and we are proud to say that today we have more than 10000 networks created on ShoutEm!

As for our future plans, soon we are going to publish applications for mobile phones (you can already use Java, iPhone and BlackBerry applications), which means your ShoutEm networks will be accessible from everywhere. That enables you to reach more and more audience, who will take part in your microblogging network. The future of niche microblogging networks is here.

Oh, and by the way, we have over 1000 Twitter followers, check us out at twitter.com/shoutem

Ilija Brajkovic