6 ways to become a better network administrator

Finding some members for your mobile social network is only one part of the job. Keeping them happy and engaged is another task that you have to accomplish to have a successful social network. Here is the list of 6 steps that you can take to become a better network administrator.




1. Make a good design.

Although we have 18 pre-defined styles that you can use on your social network, you may want to customize the way your mobile social network look like. Try to choose some nice colors, because if you choose to have red text on green background, your members will find it difficult to read, and they could decide not to participate in your network anymore. Look at some of our successful mobile social networks and their beautiful designs, and try to accomplish the same user experience for your members as they did for theirs.


2. Edit your profile.

Have your real picture as your profile picture and provide real data. People want to have trust in their network administrator, and showing them your picture is a good way to start gaining their trust.


3. Start interesting conversations.

You must have been an expert in some niche, for example, in ASP.NET MVC. That means that you know so many interesting stories for your members, and you have so many links to share with them. Then do it! Give them a reason to engage. Share your thoughts, opinions, experiences and links with them, and try to engage them with a simple sentence: "What do you think?". It’s a call for action for them, and they’ll probably reply.


4. Join some conversations.

Your network is not all about you, and you have to show that to your members. Follow the things they’re doing and saying, and start talking with them. Share your thoughts on a subject, and your members will appreciate that. As you have more and more interesting conversations and shouts, your network will be more interesting for your members and, most likely, they’ll come back more often, and they’ll even invite their friends and colleagues.


5. Set up the rules and follow them.

Write down the rules for your mobile social network. Define what is forbidden to do and to say, and define what’s going to happen to a member who violates your rules. Tell that all links to warez/porno are forbidden, that it is not allowed to insult other members… you get the point. If somebody breaks the rules, give him a warning. If he continues to break the rules, ban him from your network. You’ll lose one member, but other members will be happy, because they probably don’t want to see him on your network, either.


6. Reward your members.

From time to time, you can organize some kind of a prize game for your members. Try to find some prize. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one; a t-shirt should be enough. You can also try to find some sponsor for your game; software company which is willing to give one or few licenses for their product, or a restaurant which is willing to give a free dinner for one of your members; possibilities are endless. Then set up rules of your choice. The winner can be whoever writes the most shouts in one week or whoever starts the most replied shout. This will give a motivation for your member to shout more and more, and to come back more often, and to be happier… and that’s what you want, you want happy members!


What do you think about this? Which qualities should a good network administrator have? What are your experiences? Post it in comments.

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Ilija Brajkovic