Shoutem badges

In a new Shoutem version, we have a feature called badges. What are badges, one could ask? Badges are “rewards” for the most active members in a certain Shoutem network. This way we encourage users to use our location-based networks even more. There are 13 badges available to earn, and in this post we are going to present you all of them.


greenhorn Users will receive their GreenHorn badge for their first check in. This one is simple to get.


showoffTo receive a Showoff badge, users will have to visit 10 different places. No more sitting in a room, now users have to walk around.


wandererThis is where it becomes serious. To get a Wanderer badge, users have to visit 25 different places.


globetrotter Only the most faithful users will receive a Globetrotter badge. This badge will receive every user with more than a 50 check-ins. Let’s see who will be the first one to receive this badge.


ontour For users who like to change bars during their night out, we have prepared a On Tour badge. They will receive this badge after they check-in for 4 times during one night out. Drinking and earning badges, what a night!


nightbird A Night bird badge will receive every user that checks-in after 3AM. Please note, we don’t check what he/she is doing :-).


peopleknowyou In a network with subscriptions, users can receive a People Know You badge if 5 other users subscribe to them.


popular If users have more than 20 subscribers, they receive a Popular badge. They have to be really interesting to get this one.


celebrity A Celebrity badge is only for real celebrities. 50 subscribers will prove one”s celebrity status, and he/she will receive this badge.


<img style="display:inline;border-width:0;margin:0 0 0 online casino canada 10px;” title=”hotstuff” border=”0″ alt=”hotstuff” align=”right” src=”” width=”60″ height=”51″ />Great minds think alike, and every user that has been liked by 5 other users will receive a Hot stuff badge.


influential Influencers will receive their Influential badge after their shout has been liked by 20 people.


trendsetter We call trendsetter anyone whose shout has been liked by 50 people, and we give them a Trendsetter badge.


chiefof There is also a special Chief of award. This award gets user with a most check-ins at one certain place. 



Users will be able to earn these badges using our mobile applications (iPhone, Blackberry, Android in a next couple of months) and a web interface. To prevent cheating, we decided not to support a web check-in, so users will be able to earn their “check-in” badges only if they use their mobile phones to access Shoutem networks.

Administrators can also change the names of these badges, and their description in their admin page. Just go to Settings –> Languages –> and edit your language.


change badge info     

What do you think about our badges? What would you like to see changed? Is there some badge that you would like to see? Please post your opinion in a comments below this post.


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Ilija Brajkovic