New version of ShoutEm officially launched


A few days ago, we officially launched a new version of ShoutEm. We added many new features, and there are many other features left to be developed. First let’s see what’s new:

  • New design. We are slowly abandoning our old skins, and switching to 4 new and great-looking skins. Network owners still have the option to customize the look and feel of the new skins, either through the wizard on their admin pages or through a custom CSS code.
  • Location-aware networks. With the rise of the Foursquare and Gowalla, we decided to use the growing popularity of the location-aware networks, and integrate them into ShoutEm. Now we can be called “Ning meets Foursquare” :-).
  • Mobile applications. We released our new iPhone application some time ago. It has, like before, support for the Twitter and ShoutEm, but we included all new features that we have, like locations, check-ins, etc. In a future, because of so many API’s, we won’t be supporting Status.Net in our mobile applications. There is also the version for the BlackBerry and Java-enabled mobile phones, with a version for the Android platform coming in a next couple of months.


iPhoneNetworks Transition to a new version wasn’t easy. We had to fix bugs while working on new features. Our users helped us a lot, by providing valuable suggestions and a bug reports on our support network at . We really appreciate their help.

Many web sites wrote a news about the launch of the new version of ShoutEm. We got many press coverages, and it boosted our user base. Let’s just name a few: TechCrunch, ShinyShingy, VentureBeat, IT News Online, etc. Thank you all who wrote a piece of article about us.


places_map2 However,  our work is not done yet. We work very hard to implement new features and fix all known bugs in a new system. Let’s see what we’ll be doing in a next couple of months:

  • Custom mobile apps. For those users who want to have a branded mobile application only for their networks, we are developing a system which will enable that scenario. In a next couple of weeks, we plan to introduce a beta version which will be offered for the test to the selected group of testers. We plan to fully support a custom mobile applications somewhere in May. If you are interested in becoming the tester for branded mobile applications, please contact us.
  • Beta no more. We are still in beta, and we still don’t charge for the premium features. First we plan to make a fully stable system with all planned features, and then we need to develop a payment system. After everything is done, we will end our beta program.
  • Blog. We will redefine this blog a bit. From this day forwards, it will be dedicated to our users only. We will write news, tutorials tips on how to use ShoutEm, and how to get most out of it. We will also make an interviews with our most successful network owners, who will share their thoughts and insights on how to make a successful ShoutEm network. If you have any ideas regarding blog posts, please contact us.


Lot’s of work to do, but our team is ready for every challenge that it might face to. We count on help of our network owners, who unselfishly help us and provide suggestion and bug reports on our support network.

We will also keep maintaining our Twitter account, so follow us to receive occasional news about ShoutEm and to stay in contact.

Ilija Brajkovic