Time for your communities to go mobile. Shoutem welcomes Ning networks!

Ning has always been one of our role models. We always called ourselves Mobile Ning. We always looked on what Ning has been doing and we’re happy to see that white-label solutions for a social networks can succeed. A few days ago, Ning announced phasing out its free services. Many of it’s users were (and still are) disappointed, because they have only two choices: to pay or to close down their networks. As many of them just can’t pay for Ning’s premium services, they are forced to close down their Ning network and find their luck somewhere else.


We at Shoutem want to tell this to all those users: You are more than welcome to Shoutem! What is Shoutem, one could ask? As Ning does, we  as well offer our users an option to create their social networks within minutes. However, we are in core, a mobile social network and our main goal is to provide our users set of mobile apps and all the mobile related features. Currently ShoutEm is available on iPhone, BlackBerry and J2ME mobile applications, Android application is coming very soon. Out of mobile features most used are location checkins, photo uploads and status updates. The most important thing is that you can stay in touch with your community 24/7.


You can try Shoutem for free. We still don’t charge for our Premium features, and for now have no plans to terminate our free service plan.

How to import your Ning users?

login-ningFor a long time we support NingID authorization so that the Ning users can just login with existing username and password. Accounts and their profiles will be imported automatically. Right now we are trying to find a way to transfer some of your Ning network content and settings to your new Shoutem network, so you don’t have to loose everything.  Stay tuned and please let us know what would you like to import.


Next steps:

Ilija Brajkovic