The show must go on

As we see many users asking us about our development process and features that we plan to develop, we feel obliged to inform them about that. Recently, the biggest news was launching of the Shoutem 2.0. New version of our platform introduces solution for creating mobile social networks. We see a huge potential in mobile networks and we are confident that moving to a new system was a good move.


ShoutEm_SupportTo support all new features, starting on Monday, May 10th, we will automatically transfer all networks to a new version and a new design. Old system could not support all features that we are going to implement in a future, like events, photo galleries and locations. Also, as we grew, our CSS and HTML file became bloated, and very hard to maintain. New HTML code is cleaner, CSS file is much simpler and networks are now much more optimized for search engines. At this moment, administrators don’t have a lot of customization options, but we have those options in the plan, and we will develop them.


iPhone_shoutEm_01 We spent a lot of time developing our mobile applications. Our iPhone app is in version 1.3, and it is much better and faster than a previous version. It also supports all new features that we have on our web interface. We are also working on a custom mobile applications, so network owners can have their own branded mobile application. Selected test users will have the ability to test their application very soon.


We did significant performance updates. After moving to a new system, we noticed some performance issues, which lead to slow networks. We made some changes in our back end application and database, which resulted in much better performance. We are still trying to find a way to optimize it even more, for better user experience.


We also work on better mobile web interface (which you can access if you open Users will be able to login and logout and everything will look much better.


We work on Foursquare and Gowalla integration; our users will be able to check-in to all three networks from a single console. Also, we did some improvements in Twitter/Facebook connect, but our work is still not done, as better integration will be introduced in a next couple of weeks.


Many features have been developed in a past couple of weeks, but there are also many features left to be developed. We are always open to your ideas, so if you have one please tell us on our support network.

Ilija Brajkovic