Fans networks exploding on Shoutem

Justin Bieber community on ShoutEm hits 10 000 members in the first 24 hours


In the last couple of days, we’ve seen a new trend on Shoutem. Started with Justin Bieber network, similar fans communities started to grow like mushrooms on ShoutEm. Couple of people are now setting up Michael Jackson fan networks and we will see how that will end up :).

The whole avalanche started after Twitter made one wrong move. They changed one algorithm. Algorithm that determines which topic will become “trending”. Suddenly, fans of Justin Bieber, Canadian teen star, realized that his name is no longer “trending”, and they became angry. And started to look for an alternative to Twitter. A place where they can have their own network dedicated to only one person. And was born.


10000 members in 24 hours

After that, we’ve seen a trend which we have never seen before. Thousands of new users started joining this network. In the first 24 hours, more than 10000 fans joined Twieber, and they wrote more than 150 000 shouts, which caused a heavy load on our servers. Twitter timeline was filled up with tweets mentioning Twieber and other fan networks created using Shoutem. That started a new trend. Suddenly, many teenagers realized the potential of Shoutem for creating some kind of “fan networks”. At this moment, we see many new networks being created and huge member inflow for those networks. In the last 48 hours, dozens of networks have been created and 30 000 members joined some of those networks.


Let’s name just a few:


Why niche communities make sense for fans?

For example, they might want to have their place to write whatever they want about their idol, without spamming the rest of the community. As we’ve seen on Twitter vs. Bieber fans example, community doesn’t necessarily like what they like. On Shoutem, their network is only theirs, and they don’t need to be afraid of being banned (as long as they comply with our TOS :-)).


We’re extremely proud and happy to become recognized as great solution for creating custom mobile social networks, and we’ll continue to develop new features and build even better service.

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Ilija Brajkovic