How to forward tweets to your Shoutem network?

Shoutem enables users to forward their shouts to Twitter, but using Twitterfeed, you can also forward all your tweets to your Shoutem network. There are only few steps to take to enable this, so let me show you how to enable it.

First of all, go to and create your account (you can also sign up with OpenID).


After account creation, in a first step you have to add the name of your feed (you can put whatever you want) and the URL of your RSS feed. URL can be found on the right sidebar of your Twitter homepage, saying something like: “RSS feed of ilijabrajkovic’s tweet”.


In a next step, you have a list of available services to use. Click on Statusnet.


Now you have to enter some information about your network. In a StatusNet server textbox, enter the URL of your network, without the prefix http:// (e.g. , NOT Also, enter your username and a password for that network. You can add some additional tags if you prefer to. Click on Create service button.



And that’s it. After some time, you will see your tweets forwarded to your network.


Also, you can change some advanced settings on a Twitterfeed dashboard:


Do you already use Twitterfeed to post statuses to your network? Do you like it?

Ilija Brajkovic