Shoutem iPhone app 1.3.4.

A couple of days ago we released a new version of our iPhone app. It includes some important new features, as well as a new design. Here is the list of all new features in this version:


place about accounts

  • added a new tab in a navigation bar which displays your friends on a map as well as a list of all your friends
  • it is possible to show a place logo on a map
  • when you add a new place, its address and other details are automatically added
  • users can login using their Facebook and Twitter account
  • users can find their Facebook and Twitter friends who are already members of Shoutem network
  • notifications are shown when a user checks in (promotions, badges, mayor…). Some of the notifications can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
  • when some place has some kind of promotion, an extra tab is added with that info.
  • users can add a new place using the button in a “nearby places” list
  • if a number of characters have reached its limit, it becomes a red and popup message is shown when trying to post a shout
  • multiple languages. Language is selected based on global iPhone settings.
  • if a place has a promotion, “pins” on a map are presented as stars
  • in place details, user can see the number of his/hers check-ins, time of the last valid check-in, some custom info…
  • when a user tries to check-in, and if his/hers location is near his/hers last location (where check-in has been made), the former location is automatically selected
  • it is possible to post a shout with any content. For example, it is possible to post a shout which has only a picture attached
  • the skin has been changed significantly. Many new controls have been added, some elements are changed, and everything looks much more professional.
  • some bug fixes and small changes, especially regarding the stability.


places_list public_activity places_map

login_screen If you have some older version of the app, and you do an upgrade, you might have some problems with a user interface. In that situation, we suggest you to uninstall the old version and install the new one.

This version makes a solid ground for the final development of our branded iPhone apps, which we already test and which should be available to purchase very soon.

You can download our iPhone app from the appStore.


What do you think about new version of our iPhone app? Post some comments here or at .

Ilija Brajkovic