Staff changes in Shoutem support and community management

Photographer: Daniel St.PierreShoutem user’s community gathered on our team page probably noticed that a guy who stood there practically 24/7 is missing for few days. Well, a good news – Ilija Brajkovic is not sick and his Internet connection is fine.  However, Ilija decided to take new challenges which led him away from Shoutem support and community management.  I am personally glad I met Ilija and had a chance to drink few beers with him. His contribution to Shoutem will not be counted only by numerous blog posts and team shout replies but also by his relentless spirit and concentration on solving issues.

The new person on the board is me – Davor Banovic, ban. I am involved with Five Minutes and Shoutem  for more than two years and, in last few months I am taking charge of Shoutem Quality Assistance. In last  few days, as some of you probably noticed, I am responsible for Shoutem product support. I hope I will manage to build on the ground Ilija and the rest of the team created. In the end, with the rest of the Shoutem guys, I will continue to work for the benefit of Shoutem and its users. Thank you.