Time to celebrate, ShoutEm Mobilizer is here to take all your websites mobile!

Go ahead, celebrate, open up champagne, fire up the fireworks, as we are almost there! Long awaited and designed on your feedback, new ShoutEm Mobilizer is going on a quest of taking all your websites mobile.

As some of you already are aware we started development of white label mobile apps on iPhone early this year and our first Android app was released couple of months ago. It was all just warming up for our next big update of ShoutEm which we are releasing today. The world’s simplest Mobile App builder is out and ready for a test drive.

In next couple of weeks we will start inviting you to try it out and give us some feedback. In the meantime make sure that you sign in for private beta invitation at www.shoutem.com.

No reason to panic, for old users!

For our old user everything is available and working at www.shoutem.com/community/admin/. You can get to the list of your networks by loging in and clicking on My Networks link in the header.

We have plans to integrate old admin interface with new one but for now we left it as it is until we polish up new interface. Good news is that web only communities will remain free and having a mobile app for your web site will be a premium feature. Enjoy!

Stay tuned on our blog as we will start writing blog posts on how to use application builder and present you some interesting showcases of our first apps.

Viktor, ShoutEm CEO