Designing and branding your mobile app just became 100 times easier

Few weeks ago when this app creation service started the most difficult part of app creation was to insert pictures. For example home screen image  should be 640x310px. Easier said than done. What if you do not have photo editing tool and you have only picture which is 700×400? Few days ago you had two choices – or go to download that photo editing tool or go away and leave the app undone. Even if you download photo editing tool, you still have to figure out how to use it… So, ok, app creation with no coding but one have to be photoshop guru to kick it….

Not any more. With ShoutEm’s app builder new feature you can edit your images without leaving the builder. How?

Step 1: Click on “design” tab and click “HOME IMAGE”:

See, it says 640x310px, but, just go and upload your 700x400px picture, or any other size, does not matter.

Ok, the uploader is not complaining about size. Cool. You have the photo editing area and preview area. You see how your picture will scale in your app.

Step 2. Adjust your picture a bit:

As you can see, you do not have to use full picture width. Your image is scaled to desired size (640x310px) no matter what you do. You don’t have to worry that you will crop it too be to big or too small, or that you will loose aspect ratio. Ready?

Step 3: Click save, and preview your work:

When we in ShoutEm say “preview” we mean it literally 🙂 Just download our Mobilizer app for iPhone (link is provided when you press “instantly test your app” button), and preview your app directly on your iPhone:

High Glider picture courtesy of Dominic Harness