Rockstar Digital: our newest partner!

If you answer yes to the following questions, then you’ll be interested in this partnership:

  • Does your brand and mobile app need a little bit more maintenance?
  • Are you unsure as to what your mobile strategy is?
  • Do you need a full service web, social media, and/or viral campaign?

We are proud to welcome Rockstar Digital to ShoutEm!

Rockstar Digital is one of the first digital management agency’s in the US to build, market and manage their projects all in-house. From Mobile apps and websites, to social media accountsand eCommerce campaigns, they serve their clients one-on-one by connecting the dots and managing their content simultaneously. Based in Los Angeles, they have their roots in the entertainment world and a budding relationship with a growing tech community.

We tracked down Rob Swope, CEO of Rockstar Digital, who shared his thoughts on our new partnership: “This is such an exciting time…for business, art, culture and beyond, and as the demand for mobile devices and applications rise, it’s a very exciting step in our drive to help more businesses, brands and individuals unlock the potential of mobile.

He goes on to say, “As one of the first partners of ShoutEm, we are teaming up to bring mobile apps to the masses…so get ready!” Here at ShoutEm, we couldn’t agree more! In fact, Viktor Marohnic had this to say about Rockstar: “Young, professional, very creative, you will love them!”

Check out for more information and follow them at

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Viktor, ShoutEm CEO