Top 3 features your mobile application needs to go viral

1. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare login

You don’t want to build your own user base. Use Facebook and Twitter social graphs to let your app’s users connect with their friends as soon as they log in. When a user first logs in to an app, he wants to know which of his friends are already using this app and wants to get in touch with them. In contrast, building a social graph from scratch inside an app is a no-no!

2. Check-in feature

You need check-in on everything. Let your users check in to articles, blog posts, events, places, shopping items, videos, or even slide share feeds ☺.

People love to tell their friends where they are and what they are doing, so just make it easier for them.

3. Sharing with right message, branding and mobile app link

When your users are sharing your content to Facebook or Twitter you don’t want to see something like this:

What you want is:



The second example features two things that are missing in the first:

  • A title, which is usually the most interesting part of the article.
  • Your website url, which builds your brand

On Facebook you can do even better since it offers richer functionality. Take care that you share a really nice picture and that you use your website icon.


And is it worth mentioning that Shoutem Mobilizer automatically takes care of a lot of this ☺? Of course, just look at him down there :). And yes, go and build your app now!



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Viktor, ShoutEm CEO