Hall of Fame: Switch Video

The Switch Video app is described on the Android Market and Apple Store as simply: Mobile application that makes it easy to watch our animated videos and read our blog. That sounds like a quick one line elevator pitch, so we had to ask the people behind the mobile app what exactly makes Switch Video tick. Here is what they had to :

Switch Video produces 1-3 minute explainer videos that help businesses quickly “explain what they do” to their audience. In the last year alone, Switch Video has produced over 200 videos for companies like Microsoft, Duracell, TD Canada Trust and United Nations. The Switch Video 5-week production process guarantees clients get a great product within a predictable timeline.

Kai who works with the crew at Switch video offered some other thoughts about ShoutEm and our crew:

“Our experience with ShoutEm was fantastic. Switch Video needed to give our clients and their audience another easy way to access the videos we produce. In addition, we have our own fan base that enjoys the styles videos we make – so they’re loving this too. We know mobile is the future, and ShoutEm helped us get on board quickly. Our app was produced right to spec and on a great timeline. Revisions have been completed with the same attention to detail as the first version.”

Another app spotlight, another customer who shares the vision we have here at ShoutEm. Our job is to make it easy to roll your own app solution. No more days (weeks, that turn into months!) of waiting around for your developers to put together a wireframe, having endless meetings, wasting your time and money, etc.

Do it yourself (DIY), and come on over to ShoutEm, build your elegantly designed mobile app and launch it in a matter of hours, not months. Give us a try today.

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