Get To Know Our Features: Social Network

We’re all accustomed to social networks in one form or another, as Twitter, Facebook, location services such as Foursquare have become part of our daily routine. In the United States alone, 16% of online time is devoted to social networks.

While these services are powerful and broad in their reach, you may find it necessary to create your own social space as it relates to your market or industry. Our “Social Network” feature allows you to create your own in-app network!

Let’s take a look at the Social Network features:

ShoutEm's Social Network


The “Wall” displays Shouts and Check-Ins from your users and yourself. Here you can see what your audience has to say and allows you to communicate with them by sharing Shouts containing messages, photos, etc.

ShoutEm's "The Wall" minus Roger Waters.

  • Check In – When Places Module is enabled you can check into area locations and share them with your app’s network. Become “Chief” of this location or “Discover” it by checking-in most or first respectively.
  • Shout – Create a “Shout” while viewing your Wall.


Here you can see a list of users who are on your app’s network. Select a user to view their profile, which includes links to their Shouts, Badges they’ve earned and other information.

Users List


Fairly self explanatory! Search for Shouts from your network based on keywords or phrases.

Find Other Shouts, or Waldo.



The “Profile” displays information on yourself and your audience and allows you to change your profile information. You can see your own Shouts and badges, who you’re following or who is following you and change your profile information.

Tell your audience about you!

  • Change Profile – Allows you to add more personal information. Use a nickname if you’d like, give others the URL to your site and tell them a little about yourself.

Add your name/nickname, where you're at, your site URL and bio!


A “Shout” sends a message, photo or location (if the places module is activated) to your audience, which will appear on you and your audience’s Walls. You can also choose to share this message via Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare (again with Places).

Shout out to your audience, let them know what's happening with you!


Allows you to send and receive a direct message to other users of your network, or your audience can send these to each other.


Again, when you have the Places module activated, you and your audience are able to check-in to various locations and share them with your network. See our post about the Places feature for more on this.


Earn badges for checking in to locations, and other feats!

Extend the power of your content by offering your audience a personal experience in a smaller, more attuned network. Interacting with your viewers on this level shows a geniuine interest in them, allows you to meet these great people and get a pulse on what they’re into.

We encourage you to test our Social Network features by creating an app with us if you haven’t yet!

Josh Wolff