Monday ShoutEm Out #7

With the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference starting today in San Francisco, it’s probably a good time to catch up with everything else that’s been happening in mobile. And we’ll have a round-up of all the interesting things to come out of the Moscone centre for mobile app publishing for you as the conference runs until June 10th, 2011.

Google updates mobile site and releases Adwords tutorial:

In addition to revamping the mobile Google site to include tabbed navigation, the search and advertising giant has also released a quick three-minute tutorial to creating and setting up mobile-only advertising campaigns via the Adwords self-service advertising tool.

Well worth considering as part of marketing and advertising your mobile application:


U.S Army testing tablets and smartphones for use in the field

Hopefully you’ll never have to take your iPhone or Android tablet into battle unless you’re particularly passionate about the latest Apple vs Google debate. But the U.S army is apparently testing off-the-shelf handsets to do just that. Around $4.2 million dollars has been invested in around 85 applications to do things such as provide real-time information on the battlefield using cameras and augmented reality, or to stream video from surveillance cameras.

And you might see the benefits filter down as obviously the military requirements for reliability and security could help improve the security of the device in your pocket.


Android users consumer the most data:

Nielsen’s April survey of mobile consumers in the U.S has shown that users of the Android operating system consume more data via their phone than any other operating system including Apple’s iOS. Android owners average 582 Mb of data per month, compared to 492 for iPhone users – unfortunately the survey doesn’t reveal the split between the platforms for wifi access.

But it does show with certainty that Android not only remains the most popular phone platform, but has actually increased the share of the market up to 36%, which is a 10% lead over Apple.


Mobile picture aids rescue of couple stuck up a mountain:

After ending up stranded on a 3,000ft Snowdonia mountain peak, one couple will be happy they took their mobile phone with them – and could get a signal. Apparently lost, they sent a photo of their location, which the Ogwen Valley mountain rescue team recognised, allowing them to rescue the couple.