Monday Shout Em Out: Heat Wave Edition

We’re in the middle of a scorching summer, which means it’s time to stay inside and create apps in the air conditioning. Right? There are some scorching numbers and “pluses” in this weeks Shout Em Out.

Google + app is available on iTunes:

For those early adopters that were looking for an iOS app solution for Google+’s new social service, it’s in the iTunes store now:

Google+ by Google

Google includes the mobile-ly exclusive Huddle feature, which  is a short-form group chat, and ability to now upload photos from your device. Android users get the added bonus of these images being automatically uploaded to Google+.

According to Wired, there’s a small gripe with the iOS version currently in that “the iPhone app, unlike the Android app, doesn’t have a landscape view or keyboard mode.”

Google+ enjoyed #1 free app status on the iTunes store for a large portion of the week, according to to Consumer Reports.


“Freemium” games make an average $14 per user from pay-for content:

A study shows that users are willing to pay an average of $14 for additional in-app content for “freemium” games, or games which start as a free download and offer pay-for content within the app.

According to Flurry, “among the top 100 grossing iOS apps… 65% were generated from freemium games.”

Gaming apps are giving traditional gaming methods a serious run for their money. “By the end of 2011, Flurry estimates that total U.S. iOS and Android game revenue will surpass $1 billion,” they mention.


iPhone sales at 12 Million for the first half of 2011:

Mobiledia reports that AT&T and Verizon “combined to activate nearly 12 million iPhone 4 handsets in the first six months of the year.”

Total iPhone sales are expected to exceed 50 million units worldwide in 2011,” according to the same site.

This number assumedly takes into account that the iPhone 5 is likely to be released in September of this year. A PriceGrabber survey indicates that 35% of consumers polled plan on purchasing this new device.


Josh Wolff