Hall of Fame: The Vinyl District

Just in time for the holidays, we’re pleased to introduce the latest addition to the ShoutEm app family, The Vinyl District! If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful gift this season, why not give the gift of music and support your local record store at the same time? The Vinyl District (TVD) app has a GPS-based directory of record stores around the US, as well as the excellent blog content that’s made TVD the voice of vinyl. We connected with Jon Meyers of The Vinyl District to get his take on the new app.


Tell us a little about TVD and its community…

I like to think of TVD as a virtual trip to any record store with its divergent genres, news, freebies, and whatever else one might find under one roof at any mom and pop shop.

The readership is as diverse – young and old, male and female – who appreciate the warmth of wax or the community that the brick and mortar shops engender.

What are the benefits of having a mobile app for TVD?

Firstly and most obviously, it’s a tool for the like minded to easier patronize indie music retailers. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, it fosters a sense of community among fans of vinyl records and the shop keepers, underscoring the value that these brick and mortar shops offer to the actual community in any city.

What are your favorite features in the TVD app?

The GPS-based store locator is an invaluable resource. Couple that with the real time ability to sign in at any store and share your finds on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare and you’re building a bedrock of community among the record store …fetishists.

What’s your favorite record store memory? First album purchased that you remember?

TVD was founded upon my favorite record store memory. My dad passed away in 2006 and of the many, many warm remembrances that I have of him and our time together was the time we spent in the record department of the now defunct chain store, Two Guys in Neptune City, NJ.

Every Saturday afternoon we’d head over there so I could purchase the latest 45s that were blowing up my ears at age 6 or 7, courtesy of WABC or WNBC AM radio out of New York City. Soon I graduated to my first LP—The Beatles’ Rock and Roll Music, the Capitol compilation (with the thumbs on the cover) from the mid 70s, purchased at the aforementioned Two Guys.

Cut to the scene, 35 years later, my most recent and perhaps most cherished ebay item recently arrived in the mail; a sealed copy of The Beatles’ Rock and Roll Music. With a Two Guys price sticker.

Demand for vinyl seems to outlive other media (cassettes, CD’s), why do you think that is?

Cutting through all the chatter about vinyl and analog recordings being richer and warmer (they are) and the feel and experience of a 12″ x 12″ physical product in your hands (nothing beats it) vinyl was simply…first. And it’s forever ingrained in our culture.

I was a Record World employee in DC the day the first load of CDs arrived at the store for which we offloaded about 50% of the vinyl on the floor in the shop, and I recall all of us looking at each other…”We’re pitching the records for…these?

You could tell it wouldn’t fly long term from the outset (longboxes anyone?) and almost 25 years later that inclination was proven to be accurate.

And cassettes? Well, you know.

What are some of your favorite records right now?

In my office at TVD HQ are wooden crates on the floor with nothing but sealed records—copies of records I already own, but in this case pristine bookmarks of a time and place.

Because, aren’t they all?

We appreciate Jon taking the time to chat with us, and encourage you to check out the The Vinyl District app today! You’ll find the download links below.

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The Vinyl District is available in both the iTunes Store and Android Market. We’ve included the links to each version here:

The Vinyl District – iTunes Store

The Vinyl District – Android Market


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