Get To Know Our Features: About

ShoutEm is pleased to announce our new “About” module, which allows you to tell others about yourself, your business or whatever you’re representing!

Now it’s easier for users to find your contact or profile information at the tap of a finger. We’ve included many different options in this module, detailed below.




Company name –  This part is fairly self explanatory. Although it says “Company name” you can add any information you’d like in this space, if you’re an individual, a band or whatever applies.

Address –  Enter your address information and the module will provide users with an address and map to find your location. If you don’t wish to display this information, you’re free to leave it blank.

Picture – Here you can add a picture of yourself, a company logo, or any image you’d like to represent you. Any image over 600px wide will be resized to fit this app, anything under will remain the same size. You’re free to “Change” or “Remove” the image whenever you’d like.

Info – In this section you’re given room to tell others about yourself, what your company does, or the history of your business, as a few examples. You can also add links to to section.

Phone – Add your phone number here if you’d like to be contacted from the device, or otherwise.

Email – You can enter whichever email address you’d like to be contacted at. As always, these elements can be changed later if you wish.

Website URL – If you have a site you’d like to point users to, you can enter your full URL here.

Twitter page URL – Add your full Twitter profile URL, and users will be able to see your profile to send you a Tweet, follow you, and more.

Facebook page URL – Direct users to your Facebook page to let them share on your wall or “Like” your page.

Remove ShoutEm branding – Customers on the Advanced plan or above can hide Shoutem branding in this specific module by unchecking this option.

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Josh Wolff