Introducing ShoutEm for Agencies

ShoutEm is pleased to announce our latest service addition, which provides a solution for agencies, resellers, and others looking for fully white-labeled mobile app creation experiences. ShoutEm For Agencies allows you to build apps through your branded domain,  give your clients fully white-labeled access to manage their own apps and create new and exciting business opportunities for your company in the mobile space.

Step 1: Enrollment


To begin the application process for our agency program, visit

We have two packages to choose from in this program:

  • Medium  – $280 a month, including a white-labeled dashboard, individual client login and additional support and training resources.
  • Large – $850 a month, which add phone support solutions and a white-labeled version of our Mobilizer test app for iPhone.

These pricing plans include their equivalent in apps. For example if you choose the $280 plan, you’re able to build $280 worth of apps as part of the package. Any apps after this amount has been reached are subject to regular pricing, minus your 10-15% reseller discount.

When you’re ready to apply for the program, select the large yellow “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Dashboard

After you’ve been approved for the program, it’s time to create the custom elements of your domain specific builder.

You’re able to customize the following:

  • Agency Name – Enter your agency, company or personal name.
  • Custom Domain – After changing your domain’s CNAME settings, you’ll see your builder at the domain, or subdomain, you choose.
  • Logos – Add your own branded images, which you and your clients will see when using your custom builder.
  • Brand Color – Select a single color which is in line with your brand.
  • Welcome Message – Write a brief message welcoming your clients to your app builder.
  • Company Email – Designate an email for notifications and support emails to be sent to and from.

Here’s an example dashboard, based on the settings above:

Step 3: Logging in and Creating an App

After you’ve set this up, and your domain change has propagated, you can log in to your account at the address you’ve designated previously.

Here you’ll able to create the apps that will be under your agency’s fold:

If you have an existing account and apps with ShoutEm, these will be migrated into your new builder. Should these not appear immediately, let us know at and we can migrate apps for you manually.

After you select “Create It”, you’re brought to the same app builder that you’re familiar with.

Step 4: Giving Access to Your Client

Agencies will see a new tab at the top of the builder, called “Moderators”:

Should you wish to do so, you can create an account for your clients to manage their own apps. Enter a user name and email address for your client, and you’ll be given a temporary password for them to access their app. In this case the password is: test5509, seen below.

When the user is created, they’ll receive an email from the “Company Email” you designated in Settings welcoming them to your platform. They’ll also be prompted to change their password to whatever they may choose.

Step 5: Client Login

After your client has finished these final steps to create their account with your new builder, they can log in via the dashboard at the URL you’ve designated in settings.

Clients differ from your admin account in the following ways:

  • Your client can see only their apps, or the apps you give them moderation privileges to see.
  • Clients can modify the app, create content and other features/functions of the normal app creation as if they were the admin of their app.
  • Clients cannot upgrade pricing plans.
  • Clients do not see pricing details, and most importantly, any references to ShoutEm.

That’s it, we here at ShoutEm hope you enjoy your new business opportunities!

Remember, as member of our Agency Program, you receive priority support options. If there are any questions, please feel free to send a message to us at


Josh Wolff