ShoutEm and GarysGuide’s “Austin Party Guide” App for SXSW

Year by year the SXSW community grows steadily, and every year there are more events to keep track of. Drinkups, film premieres or label showcases, the list grows by the day. This year, ShoutEm and GarysGuide have teamed up to put every event into a simple, mobile solution, the “Austin Party Guide” app.

The Austin Party Guide provides a handy events list for the duration of SXSW, whether it’s interactive, film or music related. Detailed event descriptions let you know more about the event or its sponsors, RSVP status and much more. Location-based features point you directly to the event with convenient maps or directions.

If you’re one of many with a hectic schedule, leave the rest to the Austin Party Guide, your personal party-planner.

Available for Download Now!

Austin Party Guide

Be the one to confidently lead your team to the next event. Be the one who’s first in line and first to the bar. Be the one who buys ShoutEm their first drink… kidding, kidding, but seriously…

Download the Austin Party Guide today!

Austin Party Guide – iTunes

Austin Party Guide – Android Market

Josh Wolff