Get To Know Our Features: Deals

ShoutEm is pleased to announce the latest feature in our ever-growing list, “Deals”!

The Deals module allows you to create deals or coupons, redeemable at the point of sale, to give your app users some incentive to visit local businesses, or merchants you have partnerships with.

There are many options included in this module, which allow you to based your deals on a certain timeframe, amount of coupons offered and more. Keep reading for more details on this new feature.

Setting up your Deals module


As with our new “Custom Content” features, you’re able to create a “Group” which is an overlying module. This allows you to create different icons based on your deal situation. For example, if you app focuses on both restaurants and entertainment, such as movie ticket deals, you’re able to separate these icons to make it easier for your user to find the deal they’re looking for.

Also, you can choose to create sections in the Groups. Using restaurants as an example, you can create sections for breakfast, lunch or dinner deals, or whatever combinations you can think of.

Once you’ve created these Groups and Sections, you’re free to begin adding your list of deals. To do so, select “Add item” to begin.

Here you’ll see many different options to customize the individual deals, which are listed below.


  • Title – The title of the deal is how you want to display the deal to your user. Typically this is a short summation of the deal.
  • Description – Here you can add additional information about that particular deal via our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Valid From – This allows you to set the dates the deal will be active. Also, you can choose to make your deals available on certain days, by using the checkboxes below this option.
  • Between – Choose which time of the day your deal is available, or select the “All Day” option to make it good at any time of the day.
  • Time Zone – Set the main time zone your deal will be a part of, or draw its time from.
  • Regular and discounted price – Set the original price, and the discounted price to show the user how big of savings they’re receiving. Also, you can choose your local currency, based on the localization of your app.
  • Coupon expires in – Set the amount of hours the deal will expire in after a user has claimed it. This helps prevent users from stacking coupons and not using them, so other users can have a chance to redeem the deal.
  • Number of coupons – Make your deal exclusive to any number of users. For example, if you’d like the first 10 to redeem to have this opportunity, the app will limit the number of individual deals available to 10 for that deal.
  • Image – Here you can upload an image that pertains to that particular deal. If it’s a certain dish or album cover, upload the appropriate image to coordinate with the deal.
  • Link – Refer back to the business, or any particular link that relates to the deal.
  • Location – If you have our “Places” module enabled, you can tie your deals to custom created or Foursquare locations, which makes it easier for users to find the point of redemption or business.

Deal Redemption for Users and Merchants



After your deals are created, and published to the app, users will see the deals they can redeem. To be eligible for these deals, users must log-in to the the in-app social network through a Twitter, Facebook or proprietary app account. After they’ve completed this process, there is a multi-point process to final redemption.

  1. Your user accesses the deal, which gives them the initial option to claim the deal. This reserves the deal for the user for the amount of time you designate under “Coupon expires in”, mentioned above. If the deal/coupon isn’t redeemed during this time period, its claim is reverted and the deal is opened up to another user.
  2. Redemption is meant to be at the point of sale, whether initiated by the user or the merchant. If there are special rules that are to accompany the redemption of the deal, we encourage our customers/deal-makers to include this information as part of the deal description.
  3. When the deal is redeemed the merchant is given a bar-code and corresponding coupon code to track redemptions. How merchants and business decide to handle these redemptions at the point of sale is entirely up to them, as Shoutem only offers the tools by which to deliver the deals.

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Josh Wolff