Hall of Fame: Wilkins Harley-Davidson


Here @shoutem we talked with Mary Kilroy from Wilkins Harley-Davidson, the family-owned Harley Davidson dealership with over 60 years of experience. They’ve decided to offer useful iPhone and Android apps to easily share with and get information from customers. Mary discussed her thoughts about the advantages of mobiles for dealerships and the most important features within mobile apps.

1. Would you like to say words about Wilkins Harley- Davidson? What were the key factors that made Wilkins Harley-Davidson one of the top dealers in the entire United States for customer service?

Wilkins Harley-Davidson is a family owned dealership with three generations working here today. The great thing about working here, is that their philosophy on great customer service isn’t just a rule the company enforces, it’s a culture that everyone lives. The way we treat our customers is the way we treat each other as employees as well. It’s not about sales and bottom lines, it’s about treating people the way they want to be treated and the way we would want to be treated. Choosing to do the right thing, choosing to treat people as they deserve, and delivering a WOW experience to our customers is not extraordinary for us, it’s just the way things should be done. And because we follow this philosophy as a whole company, we continually earn top rankings by the Motor Company for excellence in customer service.

2. Where came the decision to use mobile to promote your dealership? What are the main features included in the app?

Because so many people are using mobile applications on their phones, we decided to keep up with today’s technology and offer an easy-to-use and useful phone app that would give our customers or potential customers a tool for keeping up with our events, staff, inventory, Pinterest and YouTube feeds, as well as a place to put in a Service Department request or even listen to a streaming radio station!  If it’s easier for the customer to get information, it’s a service we are happy to provide.

3. Could you please give your personal advice on why dealers should use mobile as a platform and channel of communication? 

Using a mobile platform gives dealerships an easy way provide information and GET information from customers who are increasingly turning to fast and mobile electronics as a way of communicating.  ShoutEm is easy to use, looks very professional, and comes packed with options.  The price point makes it affordable for any business, and it’s essential for any company to keep up with emerging technologies if they way to stay in touch with today’s customers!

Marija Matesic