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App Spotlight: Bdaily News


Paul Slater, the co-founder of Ground Six shared with us why he decided to turn to ShoutEm to deliver content via iPhone and Android apps. Feel free to check out our previous mobile app spotlights for additional interviews.

1. Why do publishers need a mobile strategy?

Having undergone a number of mobile specific service improvements to Bdaily we have experienced a 44% increase in mobile traffic in the last three months. Jumping to 31% of our total readership enjoying Bdaily on the go. So for us it’s all about delivering the best possible experience. Naturally it was always part of the plan to build a great Bdaily news experience for iOS and Android too and ShoutEm has massively fast tracked that goal.

2. What are the main features included in your apps?

Our main feature is bringing regional and sector based news feeds to our readers. We also have advice and opinion articles that are created by our readership which are very popular providing a unique insight into all kinds of businesses.

3. How to create a demand for an app?

Again we’d say concentrate on the user experience and never stop pushing to bring great content to your audience, the demand will follow. In the last 12 months our audience has been growing between 20-30% month on month and we’re keen to keep improving on that. Apps are the next big part of the strategy to bring Bdaily to more countries and we predict the shift to mobile will continue to grow.

App Spotlight: Bdaily

4. What are the main differences between delivering content on the web and on mobile?

Actually other than removing the non essential content that mobile users simply wouldn’t need there’s very little difference for us. The design of the mobile experience is where most change takes place, keeping the interface minimalistic whilst staying on brand can be tricky but we’ve managed it in a matter of days using ShoutEm.

Quite a few of our team have started to use the apps rather than the main website which is a really good sign.

5. Can you share with us your best practices of a successful mobile strategy for publishers?

We’re still learning although the combination of a responsive website, web apps and native apps is working for us. We’re new to the App Store and Google Play and the engagement and feedback we’re getting is very positive.

Analysis is a must though, we’re tracking engagement very closely and respond at lightening speed to anything that will give our readers a better experience. Hence the day Shoutem V.4 was released we jumped right in and built a whole new version of the app in a few days.

We’re also having some fun running a social media competition to win some iPads to help build up awareness of the apps.

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