Spotlight: How poems fly from idea to your mobile phone using Shoutem

We reached out to the crew behind the Daily Poetry App to bring you a series of our users’ testimonials. From the initial idea, pen and paper, to Shoutem support, we bring you the story of an app that is yet to have its own poem.

The name itself pretty much explains what the app is about. Must be nice to start the day with poetry; who is your favorite poet?

Yes, we decided to pick a name that would let people know what the app is about straightaway. My favorite poet would have to be Walt Whitman. His poems resonate with me in a way that few others can match. When I read his poems it’s as if I’d written them myself. They force me to look at things differently, and at the same time affirm and give expression to a lot of what I already believe. Whitman gives expression to my thoughts in ways that I never could, and that’s what makes him so special to me.

How many users do you currently have and how should you choose the ones that will be featured in the app?

We never check how many people have downloaded the app. The numbers don’t matter to us; what matters is that the app is available as a resource both to ourselves and anyone else who loves poetry. Not to say that we don’t value our members and don’t care if anyone downloads it. On the contrary, we try very hard to promote the app through social media and word of mouth, and we want as many people as possible to have access to the poems that we post.

The poems are ‘hand-picked’ by our editors. We are all avid readers who have read a lot of poetry and continue to do so. We post a lot of our own favorites and also poems that our users submit through the app, social media, and our website. We try to keep our collection diverse.

Does the application help young poets be discovered?

Of course! ShoutEm gives users the ability to post the poems from our app on Facebook and Twitter, and hopefully in the future they will also be able to do it through text messages and email (fingers crossed). So if you submit a poem and it gets published, a lot of people could potentially read and share it through social media or post comments on it.

Is there a poem about apps in your application?

We are yet to post a poem about technology but would certainly love to do so . Send us your suggestions!

What makes your Daily Poetry App stand out among other similar ones?

There are very few other apps out there that do what we do. What sets us apart are, of course, our content and our editors. We take great pride in our editorial staff and process. Each poem means something special to someone at Daily Poetry — that’s kind of a requirement for poems to get posted. If a poem doesn’t personally resonate with one of our editors it does not get posted.

What’s your advice to those who are planning to make an application using Shoutem? How do you promote it and reach the target audience?

My advice is to keep things simple. Target a specific audience and make sure your site integrates well with the app. Also make sure your aims are in line with the features that ShoutEm has to offer. You can achieve a lot of great things with the platform if you are creative, but sometimes including less can achieve more if you spend your time utilizing the full potential of ShoutEm rather than setting something up hastily. Also, make sure you reach out to ShoutEm support. They are always very responsive and willing to help.

How easy was it to make an application with Shoutem?

It was relatively easy and painless. We spent a lot of time reading all the documentation and thinking through different strategies for achieving our goals. We also spent a lot of time setting up our website in a way that would work well in conjunction with the app. Once everything is set up, maintaining the app is very easy.