Spotlight: The cigar smoking community

In our latest testimonials from our users we talked to the team behind the Cigar Dojo app. Find out how they managed to build a community of 6000 members that all share their love and passion for cigars through one simple application, built by the Shoutem App Maker.

One passion, one community, one application. We present you an app like no other – built for cigar lovers, for the community of cigar lovers – from the first idea to the finished app, made through our App Maker. Here it is: spotlight on Cigar Dojo.

What is the Cigar Dojo App and who is it for?

The Cigar Dojo App is a social app for cigar lovers. Folks that smoke cigars tend to be very social. They love to share their thoughts, opinions, and photos of the cigars they are smoking. Unlike cigarettes cigars are expensive, and are typically smoked in occasions of celebration, relaxation, or enjoying the company of others; therefore a social app made perfect sense for the cigar smoking community. There is also a cigar shop locator, an event calendar, as well as cigar reviews and tips, which makes it a very useful app for anyone whose hobby are cigars.

The emphasis of the application is on the community; how big is it at the moment, and how do they use the app?

The Cigar Dojo is only about a year old, yet we have nearly 16,000 installs and around 6,000 registered members. These members typically use the app throughout the day to comment and share their cigar knowledge or lack thereof. The Dojo community is very helpful in answering questions for new cigar smokers and pointing them in the right direction of finding the best cigars at the best prices.

The Cigar Dojo also has occasional events where members will all gather on the app and smoke the same cigar at the same time. These “Smoke Night” events are very popular and typically the featured manufacturer will show up on the app to answer questions and participate in the fun.

One of the things people like to do on the Dojo app is post artistic images of cigars.

How does the community help in the promotion of the Cigar Dojo app? What would you advise those who have yet to make an application using Shoutem – and how should they promote it?

We started with a very successful cigar blog as well as several established social media accounts to get the app growing quickly. Our members are instrumental in the growth of our app. We have tried very hard to create a positive environment on the app and our users appreciate that positivity and are always spreading the word about our community.

We also give back. As a successful cigar blog and cigar app we get a lot of samples and promotions sent to us from cigar manufacturers. Typically we turn around and give these items back to our community in the form of prizes and giveaways. These prizes and giveaways are obviously very popular and they help grow our community.

In what way do brands, shops, bars and other establishments in the cigar business help promote the app?

We have several advertising partners that keep our app in business. These are cigar manufacturers, online cigar retailers, and brick-and-mortar cigar establishments. In return we help promote their products through our app. It’s the perfect combination because our community is looking for products to purchase, therefore the advertising isn’t annoying to them and the partners are getting ultra-targeted traffic sent to their doorstep.

How are other cigar brands, shops, bars and related cigar businesses themselves promoted through the application?

We also invite cigar manufacturers, retailers, and others involved in the cigar business to participate in the app along with the rest of our community. Our app therefore acts as a mechanism for those in the business to make relationships with customers they might not otherwise be able to interact with.

What is the coolest cigar you ever tried?

My cigar tastes are always changing. Yet some of my favorite cigars currently are the D’Crossier Golden Blend, Espinosa Habano, La Jugada, Ortega Natural, along with many others.

Here is the Dojo crew in Las Vegas at the world’s largest Cigar Convention IPCPR

How did your love for cigars turn into a business?

I am the type of person who believes that you should try to make a living doing the things that you love to do. As a web developer and SEO consultant it was a natural for me to bring my passion for cigars to the world in a new innovative way. The Shoutem platform is helping me accomplish my goals.

How easy was it to make the Cigar Dojo app using Shoutem?

The Shoutem platform was perfect for our needs as it had most of the functionality we were looking for already built in to the app. The customization is a breeze in the admin center. Yet it can also be used in a much more complex way by folks like me who like to take their app to a higher level, and I really appreciate that about the Shoutem platform.