Spotlight: Things to do in Phoenix

You want to know how to get the best out of the time you’ve got in Phoenix? You should check out the mobile app Crash Pad Atlas, created on Shoutem.

What is Crash Pad Atlas and who’s it for?

Crash Pad Atlas is a curated local guide for travelers renting vacation homes in Phoenix, AZ. Right now, travelers staying at vacation homes are left to their own devices when it comes to choosing what to experience in an unfamiliar city. We have collected the best vacation hot spots worth visiting, emphasizing the locally owned stores and businesses.

One of your principles states that you believe vacations are meant to feel local. How do you communicate this philosophy in the application?

Both Crash Pad founders studied architecture at Arizona State University and were taught to design space for a “sense of place”. We feel that this pertains not only to built structures, but to all design. We communicate this philosophy in our graphics and icons (designed by a local artist), our photographs within the application and our strict local criteria for recommended places.

Crash pad is like a good magazine – not everyone can get in, only those approved by your editorial staff. How do you choose the best?

Our founders have over twenty years of combined experience in the service industry and they use this knowledge to choose the places that best represent Arizona. We only choose spots we would personally recommend to friends and family when visiting from out of town.

When did you realize that you needed a mobile application?

The current resources travelers use to explore a new city are outdated and static. We realized the best way to provide value in the industry is to be dynamic, mobile, and on the go; we knew immediately that a mobile application was necessary to accomplish our goals.

Photo: Crash Pad atlas team

How big is the current community built around the application?

The vacation rental community in Greater Phoenix has grown quickly, with an estimated 7,000 homes available for rent. We are currently partners with over 70 of these homes and are excited about the potential of growth. We would like to expand our services and brands to more cities in the near future.

How easy was it to make the app using Shoutem?

Shoutem is straightforward, responsive and flexible in meeting our mobile needs. They manage to make publishing on multiple platforms a breeze. We were most impressed with their communication and customer service; they are eager and willing to help. Thank you Vlatko, John and Shoutem team!