Top 5 ways to survive the government shutdown using apps

Using apps you say? Yup, as we all know, government offices, agencies, historical landmark and space research organizations have locked their doors, but at least your phone works, right? If you happen to have chosen this period to travel around the States, then this is clearly not your lucky day, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We bring you five ways to survive this shutdown using apps that will get you where you need to go.

Washington DC City Guide

Want to get around the Capitol during the government shutdown? This Free City Guide is a personal trip advisor; a guide and a GPS system right in your pocket. Too bad there are no real tourist guides working today to guide you around, but pick up your phone, install this app and go sightseeing around Washington

Yellowstone National Park – The Official Guide

You’d want to download and install this cool app if you were planning to visit Yellowstone National Park, which celebrated its 123rd anniversary yesterday. Too bad it’s closed due to the shutdown. The app would provide you with all the info you needed, it’s packed with guided tours and maps.

Statue of Liberty

You can’t go visit it right now – yes it’s also closed due the government shutdown. But no worries, you can have a comprehensive narrated digital tour of the Statue of Liberty just off the foot of Manhattan using the Statue of Liberty iPhone App.

Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour

Sorry, no Mount Rushmore. But there is an app for that! Behold the Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour App that lets you explore this shrine of democracy in an interactive, self-guided tour; right in the palm of your own hand.

Fort Point National Historic Site

You feel like Bad Luck Brian because you saved some money for a trip to San Francisco and a chance to finally see the Golden State Bridge and the Fort Point National Historic Site – only to find out that it’s closed? Ok, you can still admire the bridge from afar, but for a guided tour of this site and others across the city, the San Francisco Map and Walks App will do just fine.

Bonus: The NASA App

We wanted to mention the NASA official app in this list, but due to the shutdown, the app itself isn’t working. Who would have thought?

And which apps are you using because of the shutdown?