Spotlight: The Truth Behind the Truth Network Radio

Our App Spotlight series continues!

The radio meets the app world in our latest testimonial from the crew behind the Truth Network Radio App. We sat down with them to find out how the app helped them increase the number of listeners and how easy it was for them to make an application using our Mobile App Maker.

What is the Truth Network Radio App and who is it for?

The app supports Truth Network live radio stations that are broadcast in several markets in the US.  It allows you to stay connected through various social networks and lets you stream any Truth Network station you want.

Could you define Truth Broadcasting?

Truth Broadcasting is a Christian radio broadcasting company.

When did you realize that you needed a mobile application?

Our system was out-of-date and so we switched hosting providers to Falcon Internet for live streaming. The new app provided us with more features than our old one, and we realized we really needed it since many of our listeners are on the move and want to listen to us at the office or in places where it’s hard to get reception.

Do you promote your app via radio channels?

Yes, the app is promoted on the radio and on other social platforms.

What would be the most valuable advice that you could give to our readers who have yet to make their application?

The ShoutEm platform is a great way to get started for users that aren’t very experienced in app development but have some graphic and web skills.

How many listeners tuning in do you have every day?

Our numbers go from several hundred to thousands daily, depending on the day and events going on.

What has been the biggest number of listeners you’ve had so far?

The ShoutEm-based app accounts for a big percentage of those listeners. We’ve had a spike of 700 listeners in total at all our stations and the numbers seem to be increasing.

Has the number of listeners and the overall awareness of Truth Network increased since you published your app?

It has gone up some and we’re still analyzing the metrics. It looks like it’s been successful but it will take hard work to keep the app fresh as we add more features.

How easy was it to make the app using Shoutem?

It was very easy compared to learning Obj-C from Apple. The added benefit of publishing it on both platforms is great. We’re excited to see ShoutEm improve their tablet versions of the software.