Spotlight: Reggae 411 – Everything Jamaican in one app


In our latest app spotlight we get the scoop from the crew behind the Reggae 411 App where they introduce us to the app, Jamaican culture, and the idea behind going mobile. We talk about the feedback from the public, how the app was received in the Jamaican community, and what it was like to build it using our App Maker.

What is the Reggae 411 App and who is it for?

The Reggae 411 App is our mobile solution for people looking for anything and everything Jamaican; from food & events to music, news and more. This app is for anybody who’s interested in reggae music and Jamaican culture.

How did you come up with the idea for Reggae 411 and for the app itself?

Being Jamaican, we realized our community was in need of a central comprehensive directory of information about all local events and where to find them. So we decided to fill that need.

What was the feedback from clubs, festival and concert organizers about you promoting them via your app?

Every store owner, promoter and organizer loved the idea of what we were doing and they were very eager to be involved.

How do the community and other reggae clubs and festivals help in the promotion of your app?

In the Jamaican community, news spread fastest by word of mouth. Our app is a state of the art invention; there is no other app like it, and as such it is a source of pride for the community and it gets praised extensively. We also have flyers that are distributed at events, and posters that are put up by businesses listed on our app.

What would you advise to those who have yet to make an application using ShoutEm – and how should they go about promoting it?

Our best advice for someone who hasn’t built their app with ShoutEm yet would be “what are you waiting for?”. Over time, we have used several services to help build our app, but we find that the ShoutEm platform enables us do everything we need and more.

Did the app help out in the overall promotion of Reggae 411 and reggae culture in general?

This app has greatly helped our promotion of the Reggae 411 as it has given users access to all the resources – directions, coupons, event information, ticketing, music, videos, news – in the palms of their hands. We are bringing reggae culture to the masses with the efficiency of the 21st century.

Your app has special features for members, such as coupon deals for restaurants and stores. How has the reggae community reacted to them, and has the interaction among members increased via the app, since we are now living in a mobile world?

The reggae community really loves the idea of finding coupons easily and in one place. Our members-only section offers the opportunity for mobile interaction between the diverse types of people that listen to and buy reggae music, and attend music events.

What is the coolest reggae event / concert you’ve ever been to?

We could list many major events across America but we find that our favorite event to cover is the annual Miami Caribbean Carnival Week.

How easy was it to make the Reggae 411 App using Shoutem?

With our large database of information, we were looking for a service where we could easily store this information. We found that Shoutem was amazing at letting us easily transfer our information and allowing us to integrate our services with ease. Although we know a great deal about coding, we haven’t needed to utilize that knowledge because ShoutEm eliminates the need to learn any code with its easily understandable approach.

The management tools provided by Shoutem are very user-friendly and the ability to easily add on any services we dream up continues to delight us. Shoutem was definitely a great decision for our company!