4 Ways to Improve Sales Through Mobile Apps

In just a few short years, smartphones have become a perfectly common item, and so have mobile apps that enable users to acquire information simply and quickly. The app marketplace has become enormous, and yet you’re still wondering whether to invest in mobile apps? You’re still not sure what you’d have to gain?

When making a decision, look at it from the sales point of view.

1. An app can strengthen relationships and retain your clients

That’s what happened to Kathy Harrison and Becky McCraney, who have been running a Christmas decorations shop called Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in Midland, Texas for years. Their story caught the eye of Small Business Computing. In order to promote their business, the owners launched a specialized webpage and a DVD with tips on how to organize holiday decorations; but the real change came in 2010, when they realized that there wasn’t a good mobile app addressing Christmas decorations on the market. The idea came to them naturally: why not use the DVD material to create the app?

Their hard work paid off.

Shoppers, especially those environmentally friendly, were attracted by the app, and the owners noticed that many of them were using their iPhones at their store to check their choice and combination of decorations. Most importantly, the app helped them get notice outside their local circle and reach the new audience.

2. The app can make shopping easier and attract new customers

Improve Sales

The Boston store Magic Beans, specializing in kids’ toys and equipment, has launched an app that enables shoppers to, among other things, scan bar codes on products, inspect detailed information on products and get all kinds of benefits.

The Small Business Computing has reported that users are reacting very positively and enthusiastically, and that the app has attracted new shoppers. “People were very curious about the technology and the way it works, resulting in a increased sales”, commented Sheri Gurock, the cofounder of Magic Beans, for the portal.

3. The app can be used to push deals to shoppers and reward their loyalty.

Improve Sales

Shoppers like it when their favorite brands offer them discounts, vouchers for cheaper shopping and free products. A happy customer is a faithful customer, practically guaranteed to buy even more!

A good example would be Starbucks, the mega popular chain of coffee shops which has had years of practice in the field, and which rewards its app users with free drinks, gift coupons, free songs to be downloaded, and other exclusive contents and services. And we all know how well they’re doing.

4. Shopping on an app is an extra retail outlet

Many companies like Amazon and the aforementioned Starbucks enable users to order and buy products and services through their mobiles, which represents an additional strategy to increase revenue. However, one should keep in mind that Apple, Google and Microsoft do not allow the sales of digital products, such as videogames, software upgrades, music databases or digital magazines outside from iTunes. To sell physical products, the companies usually use third party ecommerce platform such as Shopify.