Spotlight: Radio stations Under One Application

In this week’s App Spotlight we bring you the story behind the application from Switzerland. Hear their story on how they found out that the mobile app world is a brand new frontier for radio listeners and why they choose our Mobile App Maker…

What is Could you introduce yourself to our readers. is a website which lists all the radio stations of Switzerland. We include Internet only radio stations, FM, DAB stations and podcasts from Switzerland.

When did you realize that you need a mobile application?
The users listen to various radio stations on the road. The best solution is an app for smartphones. It is important to also offer solutions for mobiles, not just the Web.

What kind of planning and preparation did you do before going into the process of making the app?
We were looking for a professional solution to create an app which could list many different radio stations. We began without any specific plan, inserting the radio stations in the interface and adapting the designs. And just like that, the app was born.

How do you promote the App? What channels do you use and what do you find most successful?
The app will be promoted on our website and in our press release.

How easy was to make the app using ShoutEm?
So easy! Great tool!

You can download the app at the Google Play store or in iTunes.